Thursday, March 12, 2009

Illinois Gun Owners Met their Legislators In Springfield

Springfield, IL—There were some 6,000 gun owners that took over the State Capitol grounds to show their support for concealed weapon carry rights and to stop more gun control schemes by Chicago's Loony Left Wing Democrats.

Observers here had never seen such a large group participating in government in many decades. The group was friendly, well behaved and sincere in their effort to insure the right to defend self and family.

The message was clear, 48 other states respect the rights of the law-abiding to protect themselves in and outside of the home. Guns do save many more lives than those taken by violent criminals.

Enjoy the photographs taken by my dear friend Raj Singh, President of Eagle Grips located in Carol Stream, IL. Visit the Eagle Grips websire here.

Click on picture to see the entire photo album.
IGOLD 3-11-09 Springfield, IL


Anonymous said...

God Bless these patriots!!!

Defend Liberty and the Bill of Rights!!!

Anonymous said...

The halls, rooms and inside the Rotunda of State Capital Building was packed with law abiding gun owners.

The march to the Capital Building took up about a half dozen city blocks. Biggest turnout so far. I hope the Chicago area State Legislators pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Good work to all.Keep up the pressure.Write those letters and post cards to your elected officials.Make those phone calls.