Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Why We Need To End The Death Penalty Now

Washington, DC--As the Ultra Left Wing gained total control over all Americans we absolutely need to eliminate the death penalty.

Many of us are expecting the worst as our economy is tanking and out free market system is under a massive Socialist attack. Martial Law can’t be far behind.

As they begin efforts to seize firearms and other property it will be Conservatives and gun owners they will try and execute through the courts. Why entrust the dark forces with this kind of power? The life you save may be your own or someone important to you.

As for criminals they can rot in prison. We may however soon see political prisoners in our own country.


Anonymous said...

It's Not All Real said...

Solitary confinement for life should be the penalty for capital crimes. Give them BASIC cable TV, a radio, and MONITORED computer hour of exercise a day and a physical yearly. Let them have reasonable access to magazines and books if they wish. Other than that, let them sit alone where they can harm no one but themselves.

Solitary confinement is a just punishment for anyone who took a life. Won't happen though.

Anonymous said...

Paul when you exaggerate and spin things you'll lose your credibly.

The death penalty is needed. And to date there's not one innocent man that's been executed.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The bogus blanket statement suggesting not one innocent person has ever been executed is pure BS. Three decades ago murder were cleared by arrest at 85%. Convicted people were routinely executed.

Over the years the murder clear up rare dropped to 35% where it is today. Why is that you ask? DNA and modern technology has cleared suspects at a record rate.

Everyone today is on surveillance video numerous times per day in any large city. Purchases are tracked and alibis are recorded by impartial photographic and data evidence.

It would be impossible that we have not killed a lot of innocent people. Hundreds of others falsely convicted have languished on death row for as many as three decades only to be exonerated by DNA evidence that did not exist for over 200 years of our history.

Flawed or phony eye witness testimony has put many a man on death row as does the bought testimony of jailhouse snitches.

My argument here is Obama and his merry band of Communist traitors can’t be trusted with that kind of power.

Anonymous said...

Crime file it is YOUR statement that is 100% "bogus." Just like all the other liberals you can't support your blog comments without facts. I proved my point you've lost credibly because you make bogus claims that you can not back up with the name of one man and the courts case number where its proven that they executed an innocent man.

Sure there's been MANY men later freeded due to DNA. But never one killed.

Anonymous said...

After so many years on the job I have concluded that there are TOO many people playing policeman and detective.These are the people I work with,mensan geniuses everyone of them.

Anonymous said...

"Paul when you exaggerate and spin things you'll lose your credibly.
The death penalty is needed. And to date there's not one innocent man that's been executed."

Whoever wrote the above post has got to be a moron. There have been so many innocent people locked up for decades who were later proven to have not committed the crime by DNA analysis and other new technology that was not available at the time of their convictions. That only makes it so much more likely that numerous innocents were sent to their deaths, just by statistics alone. I don't think any state is going to publish the fact that they killed someone by mistake, so having a list like that won't happen any time soon. While I disagree with Paul about abolishing the death penalty, I understand his point as far as Obama and company are concerned and their potential for abusing this power. Personally, I fully support the death penalty, but only in those circumstances where there is irrefutable evidence that the offender committed the crime, such as video tape or the crime being witnessed by numerous impartial people.

Anonymous said...

If you wrongfully put someone to death,doesnt that make you a murderer?

Anonymous said...

The State does not like to admit to mistakes,THE LIE must be protected.

Anonymous said...

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