Friday, February 06, 2009

When A Flip-Off Becomes A Felony

Portsmouth, NH—With our new Communist leadership we are becoming more like Cuba and North Korea every day. We’ve made a huge issue of dispute resolution through various types of court restraining orders. Sooner or later the Bolshevik style make work projects will be to construct enough prisons to hold most Americans.

In rare situations the orders serve their purpose. Orders are merely pieces of paper. If you really need protection get training and carry a gun!

One silly case got a man charged with a felony crime for flipping off someone under the protection of one of those orders. Was that overkill? You bet. Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Amerika, Comrade!
Read more about this sordid story here.

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Anonymous said...

More Failed Model Approach.No common sense found on the job nowdays.Infection is everywhere.