Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Reporters Covering Cops, Courts And Crime Need Some Basic Information.

Reporters never seem to understand police work. Media reporting nearly always fails somewhere when the reports are about crime, courts and cops. Journalists never get an important basic education that would help them better understand police work.

Interviews and interrogations are as important for journalists as they are for seasoned police detectives. Reporters overrate themselves in this area because they do lots of interviews. Experience is just not enough.

In 1956 the bible for criminal investigation was written by two heavyweights. The book, Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation by Charles E. O'Hara and Gregory L. O'Hara is as relevant today as it was over a half-century ago. Of course new editions are issued regularly to keep the information up to date.

There is no better guide for grilling suspects and getting to the truth than what’s contained in this book.

Reporters, private investigators and lawyers would gain by getting a current copy to read and use as a reference.

You can get your copy here.

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Anonymous said...

Detectives who are high school drop outs/GEDs do not read.They are not into research and professional developement.

They want the title,extra cash and suck the chiefs ass.