Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Private Business Salary Caps Are A Pure Product Of Oz.

Washington, DCBarack Obama is either dumb, a fool or thinks the Constitution is his to amend on a whim. The bailouts given to the business and banks can’t interfere with private contracts. These failing and rogue outfits can pay their executives whatever they want despite bailouts.

The Bolsheviks may be in power now but they are still running a country subject to our Constitution. When they break the Constitution the shooting and bombing will begin here as it should.

The bailouts were the beginning of the destruction of our way of life. Bailouts are grossly unfair to the properly run and profitable banks and business of America. American style private enterprise demands that the crappy business fail and better run outfits take their place in a free market. I guess Obama thinks he’s been elected to be, The Bolshevik Wizard of Oz.

Obama is heading down a dangerous path. Lives will be ruined and extinguished with the reckless Socialist changes in this country that has soundly rejected the teachings of Karl Marx long ago. Marshal Law can’t be far behind with chaos and destruction.

God help us all.

Glen Beck Speaks on this subject:

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Germany try this after WWI and paid the price?