Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mass Prisoner Release, Reduced Law Enforcement Budgets And Gun Bans

Bolshevik Union of California—As this bankrupt state releases brigades of felons from the prisons to the street, law enforcement resources are being drastically cut. That’s a deadly combination.

Officials in the most populous and crime prone areas of this state offer only prosecution and lifetime criminal records for anyone who dares carry a gun for self protection. Police chiefs and Sheriffs have ability to issue concealed weapons permits but steadfastly refuse to enable more violent crime.

As our criminals go wild in the streets disrespect for law with be universal. The normally law-abiding people will begin to selectively obey laws as the cops get overwhelmed. Nobody in their right mind should submit to victimization over violating some well intentioned gun law. Choosing to risk getting criminal record over being made a paraplegic by a criminal is not really a difficult alternative.

It’s time for the Loony Left politicians to re-think their position on the human right of self-defense. Not everyone can afford to hire armed bodyguards in this failing economy. Not everyone lives in safe neighborhood or works in guarded ivory towers like our politicians.

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Anonymous said...

Its I win win. Thank god the States finally cutting back on wasteful big spending. .
They need to ban the CHP and cut WAY back in corrections