Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drew Peterson Challenges Geraldo Rivera To A Fight.

Chicago, IL—Drew Peterson along with his new child-bride to be, Christina Raines made an appearance on, Eric “Mancow” Muller’s, Mancow & Cassidy Radio Show on Chicago’s WLS radio station.

The subject came up about the shabby treatment Geraldo Rivera has given Peterson on his Fox News program. Rivera has hurled accusations, insults and hate at Peterson. Peterson of course has become the object of so much police attention and public scorn over one dead wife and the still missing Stacy Peterson.

The reality is a lack of evidence that Peterson has killed or injured anyone at all. That reality has not prevented Rivera from expressing his ratings driven opinion calling Peterson a killer. Peterson has taken Rivera’s boisterous insults in stride but that all may have changed.

Peterson is somewhat miffed that Rivera has been bugging his future father-in-law for interviews since the happy couple reconciled.

It seems that Peterson while being egged on by Mancow, has challenged Rivera to a fight anywhere or anytime. This is starting to be fun! There are so many people that would pay, myself included to see one or both of these middle-aged clowns laid out unconscious on the mart.

Rivera claims to have a Black Belt in Karate and Peterson being a 30-year cop is undoubtedly by default an accomplished street fighter.

I can just imagine this battle taking place to an overflow crowd in Las Vegas. I envision the majority buying tickets will be angry, middle-aged women who will bet heavily on Rivera. One thing for sure they all will want to see real blood!

Mancow contacted Rivera’s producer and so far the macho-reporter does not have mucho guts. The real winner of such an insane match might be some charity group devoted to domestic violence treatment.

Let’s see if Geraldo Rivera is all talk or a hero for his fans. I may be wrong but I don’t think Rivera is up for the challenge…

I had a chat with Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky who would be delighted to see this dispute settled on Pay Per View Cable. “My money is on Peterson, he knows how to fight", according to Brodsky.

You can hear that radio show right here. The part about the fight challenge and call to Rivera is near the end of the show.


Anonymous said...

My money is on Drew.Jerry King aka Geraldo Rivera is another tv blowhard that tries to be a street guy,but never can.

Anonymous said...

Geraldo Rivera's real name isn't King, it's actually Jerry Rivers. And watching either of these guys get a good beating wouldn't be too hard to watch.

Anonymous said...

Yearbook photos from Geraldo's high school and college (the University of Arizona) demonstrate that his name was not Jerry Rivers: his given name was indeed Gerald, and his surname alternated between the family name, Rivera, and his mother's "continentalized" spelling of it, Riviera:

Anonymous said...

Who really cares?
They can beat each other to death if they wish too.

It is funny drama though.
I guess that is why we keep reading of their exploites.

Donny said...

Who really cares?
Let them fight it out to the death.

They both want to keep their names in the press no matter how they do it.
It does provide good drama though.

If Geraldo finds Al Capones vault, he might also find Stacy.
Maybe even the woman that disappeared in Plainfield under simular circumstances as Stacy.

Drew and Geraldo are both in need of professional help.

I would think that the Bolingbrook Police Department is glad that Drew is no longer an active member of their police force.

Anonymous said...

If Gearld rivera does not want to fight drew peterson. Then issue a challenge to peterson in a bar room brawl no holds bar on wrestlemania. Someone contact vince macmahon