Saturday, February 21, 2009

California Is Not Broke!

Sacramento, CA—Don’t believe those rumors that California is $42 billion dollars in the red. They have no problem seeking to implement a brand new $63 million dollar program to prevent fraudulent driver’s license applications. Right now California requires identification, a thumb print and they take full facial photograph.

Now they claim they need more, to facilitate their facial recognition program that would allow among other things a candid photograph of an unknown citizen to be identified through the driver’s license photo database. The privacy invasion and nefarious opportunity possibilities are nearly endless.

The fraud here is that no two people share the same thumb print that alone should prevent multiple driver’s licenses from being issued to one person. Some California politician must have gotten a grand campaign contribution to push this garbage.

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Anonymous said...

Had there been a thumbprint requirement for voting in 1983, we never would have been forced to endure Harold Washington.