Saturday, February 14, 2009

Armed Home Invaders Caught On Tape!

Tucson, AZ—Imagine that you are one of those folks who are not self-reliant and four heavily armed invade your home. Even if you could somehow call 911 the response time is around six or ten minutes before help arrives.

The picture is not pretty. You, along with members of your family would be killed. If the thugs are still there when the police arrive there will be a shoot-out for sure. Perhaps a cop or two will die in a major bloodbath.

This incident turned out much better. A homeowner installed security cameras, and was well armed. When the unthinkable happened the homeowner sprang into action fighting off the attack.

Sit back, have some popcorn and learn how self-defense and self-reliance can make a difference. Now imagine if this incident took place where gun bans are strictly enforced against the law-abiding as they are in Chicago.

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Socialism Sucks said...

They deserve shooting just for spoiling a great looking C300 with those stupid blinged out wheels

Anonymous said...

Too bad if this happened in Chicago the homeowner would have been locked up. Mayor Daley and his gun hating ideas really needs to go.

Ed Skinner said...

I agree that homeowners should be capable of defending themselves but this story stinks to high heaven.

Far more likely is that this drug-runner from or with strong ties to Mexico was expecting this raid from a competing gang which explains why he was watching the surveillance cameras as it started and why the attackers were all Hispanic and carrying some heavy weaponry.

Phoenix is now the #1 US city for kidnap-for-ransom cases and I strongly suspect Tucson is not far behind.

Here's a related article in the Phoenix news this morning:

Anonymous said...

I keep multiple handguns positioned throughout my domicile.A pistol offers the most tacticle flexibility..I still keep two street howitzers(shotguns) also at the ready but concealed in the home.

Remember,911,the police are only minutes away.Alot can happen in a minute,let alone a few seconds.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Nothing new!
Woman kills robber

« Los Angeles Nov. 28, 1957 »

The last bad decision in James B. Burton's 42 years of bad decisions was to light a cigarette.

Because to light the cigarette, he had to put down his gun.

Of course he had been drinking, which is not necessarily a bad decision, but it is a poor choice if you've taken a woman and her teenage daughter hostage and are threatening to kill them as you wait for the husband to get home so you can rob him.

Maybe Burton didn't think he needed to worry because Zenobia Maddox, 32, and her daughter Tony, 15, were tied up. And because his partner was outside the home at 4715 S. Gramercy Place waiting to ambush Thomas Maddox, a real estate agent.

James Bedford Burton was an old, seasoned criminal who had served time in Kentucky, Nevada, Utah and California and had a record going back to 1935. He and his partner forced their way into the Maddox home by trying to collect on what they said was a bad check.

The men tied up the two women and while his partner waited outside, Burton ransacked the home, threatening to kill the family if they didn't find any money. As he rummaged through the house, he drank from a liquor bottle and continued threatening the Maddoxes.

In the meantime, Zenobia managed to work free of her restraints and when Burton put down the gun to light a cigarette, she grabbed the pistol.

Burton told her that the gun wasn't loaded, but she proved him wrong--five times.

Then she got a lamp and beat him with it.

Then she got another lamp and beat him with it.

Then she got a third lamp and beat him with it.

After being shot five times and beaten with three different lamps, James Bedford Burton was not feeling too well. In fact, he was pretty much dead. And his partner was long gone, having run off when he heard the gunshots.

Zenobia A. Maddox died May 6, 2002 according to the Social Security Death Index. Nice work, ma'am.