Friday, January 09, 2009

Zero Tolerance Get 6 year-old Expelled From School!

Victorville, CA—What else would you expect from the land of Fruits, Flakes and Nuts?

When the age of reason for children is seven you have to tolerate almost anything from a six year-old.

An unidentified six-year old child brought a loaded handgun to school. The gun, a stolen .45 caliber pistol was under the control of this child’s father, Michael Lewis a convicted felon. Lewis is currently in custody of the San Bernardino County sheriff's Department and could get a massive amount of prison time as a result.

The child removed the gun from his father’s car and took it to school where it was discovered when it slid down his pants leg. The child did not assault or threaten anyone.

I have no problem dealing with this child’s father in a harsh a way as our laws allow. But to deprive this child of his education and the time needed away from his inadequate parents is nothing less that the biggest crime yet.

I guess Zero Tolerance means zero common sense at the Victorville school.

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