Saturday, January 24, 2009

You Deserve A Break Today, At McDonald’s! Welcome To Hollywood!

Hollywood, CA--In L.A. you see a lot of sights that after a while you simply have to ignore. The local wildlife here just does not exist in places like Nebraska.

Leave it to a local KCBS-TV/Kcal-TV news photographer, Bryan Frank to snap a picture with his Blackberry, write a quick story of what he sees during a lunch break and files in on his blog called BeFrank.


Anonymous said...

Paul what is a professianl photogrpaher doing using a cell camera?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

What I liked about the whole process of the BeFrank’s blog article was how simple and quick he did the whole enchilada in his Blackberry. He had a very descriptive story and an establishing shot that demonstrates where he was. That low resolution photo has character.

From experience I can tell you the fastest way to get thrown out of Mickey D’s is to start taking photos with what looks like a news camera.

I'll call that an undercover camera shot.

Anonymous said...

What Happened to 720 W. Obrien? Looks like its gone, Aw, shit happens, doesn't it paul!

Anonymous said...

This must be one bored photographer.

I'd prefer ur blog its more exciting.

BTW this comment is via my Blackberry while I'm driving.

Anonymous said...

See the top Ten archive Hits on the main page at to read the Andre the Giant article.