Monday, January 26, 2009

A Warning To American Politicians That Want To Impose Marxism Here

There was this fellow in Romania who got his just deserts back in 1989. The fellow imposed Marxism on those he ruled with an iron fist. Then one night his sleep was inturrupted by some visitors. I guess it was not a social call.

The man along with his wife received a very quick trial and justice.

The only good Communists are dead Communists. The fellow and his wife became very good Communists!


Socialism Sucks said...

Watching that video always cheers me up. Although in fact, it wasn't so much a peoples' power revolution as a coup, where Ceausescu just got replaced by his number 2. They realized they had to get rid of him in order to stay in power themselves, because regimes like theirs were being swept away all over the Eastern Bloc in 1989.

And now Romania is in the EU, which means the British cops get to take on the Romanian mafia as well as the Bulgarian, Turkish, Vietnamese, and all the rest.

Funny how things turn out.

Anonymous said...

Paul I watched the whole 13 minute video. I did forward that around to the net. However with a disclaimer that I strongly disagree that this was a good thing (although had they been Islamic terrorists I’d lock and load.)

I believe that the way they were arrested in bed, tried, convicted and killed was more barbaric than the communists and Marxists themselves.

Thank God we live in the USA. And I pray we don't become like others.

A So Cal PI

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The reality is that Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu got more due process than they afforded thousands of others that opposed them

Anonymous said...

Well there is an old story that had asked an Englishman a Frenchman and a Russian their definition of happiness. the Englishman said coming home from work after a hard day and having your slippers the paper and a drink in front of the fireplace. The Frenchman said going on a business trip meeting a voluptious women making love all weekend and parting with no regrets. The Russian said being awoke at 3 in the morning by pounding on your door. Upon opening it the secret police say Ivan your under arrest. With a smile on your face you say I'm sorry but Ivan lives next door.

Anonymous said...

Secret Service soon visiting Zionists/Marxist traitors Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Emmanuel, etc in similar fashion? How about visiting a few behind the scenes traitors like Jacob Rothchild?

Anonymous said...

"The reality is that Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu got more due process than they afforded thousands of others that opposed them."

He was a complete bastard, no doubt about it. As for denying so many due process, that's all the more reason to use that process on him. What's more important, getting some payback, or seeing the rule of law take over?

I think their fate, and the video, are both inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Chicago needs this type of enema.