Thursday, January 15, 2009

US Airways Passengers Are Safe

NY,NY—In the Catholic Church there was a patron Saint of travelers. He was St. Christopher who was defrocked as a saint by the church as a myth over 20 years ago. Some Catholics still wear those medals despite the church’s demotion of Mr. Christopher.

Was it some kind of divine protection or just dumb luck that nobody died in today’s aircraft mishap?

I know there is a lot of damage. Lost data and destroyed laptops, cameras and ruined clothing. All the cargo and luggage is below the water line. It will cost a bundle to extract the plane and make it airworthy once again. But no lives were lost!

I remember a similar accident I personally witnessed from the air of a November 1968 water landing for Japan Airlines flight. I could see the passengers in little yellow life rafts around that plane in the San Francisco Bay.


Anonymous said...

Luck? I think not. An exceptional aviation record in this country? Yes. Why? First of all the TWO pilots are heroes. Doing their job? Yes, however "grace under pressure" and extreme professionalism. Worth every penny they are not getting paid and besides being treated like garbage by the greedy, airline CEOs; who has abolished their retirement and cut their pay 70% at US Airways. Do you know the pilots are still working with bankruptsy wages and US Airways has been out of bankruptsy for years? The airline refuses to raise their pay. Worse thing that can happen to the US Airways CEO is that he could fall off of his chair and bruise his rump. Just ask his mistress and his DUI (multiple offenses) attorneys.

You should investigate and do a story about this Paul. It's more troubling than the Enron scandal. 9yr pilots at US Airways cut back to $40K a year for this responsibility. Pathetic.

Second praise the entire crew for their professionalism; the passengers for their calmness and care for others; and lastly the brave NYC rescue workers.

Luck or divine intervention? Maybe some. But I attribute it to the brave American spirit. The same spirit that overcomes defeat and tyranny.

My hat is off to you my brothers!

Anonymous said...

Passengers on fox adv none of them even knew they were going to do a crash landing until they were only 100'.15 seconds left.

That may have been wise because had I been on the plane I'd be profiling for terrorists and then screaming thru the cockpit door to make sure our pilots wernt dead and taken over by Islamic terrorists.
BOTH pilots were great.
The Sr pilot was taking more college courses at Berkeley on "aircraft crisis management."

His next career is set in stone. He should consider. Being a Court qualified
Expert. In Calif the make easily 250.00 an hour.

Forget his 2 master degrees. He was a jet fighter pilot in the Air force.