Friday, January 09, 2009

The Shooting Of Oscar Grant In Oakland

Oakland, CABay Area Rapid Transit police had arrested Oscar Grant. He resisted and died as a result. Was it excessive force, an accident or something else?

The truth is I don’t care. When someone engages in risky behavior such as resisting police there is always that chance they could lose their life. Save the fighting for the courtroom since you can’t do that on the street.

This is a case of White cops trying to keep order in an area populated by Blacks. In this instance, as soon as there were signs of a conflict every Black kid with a cell phone camera whipped it out and recorded the event.

I’m not sure what happened other then the lad took a calculated risk and gambled away his life.

This kind of an event is ugly for every cop. You don’t want these things to happen but unfortunately sometimes they do. Being a cop is risky too. You can be killed or punished emotionally for the rest of your life should you accidentally kill someone.

Having worked in a ghetto I know that police are hated and that the locals feel that laws are only for rich Whit folks to obey. That's the prevailing ghetto attitude, that’s always reinforced by Liberal politicians stinks.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to do police work with a bunch of sneering little pukes shooting video hoping to egg on the event so they can make a splash on YouTube. Here are three videos from this event. You can listen to the jerks taunting the police.


Anonymous said...

The police in Arlington, Texas, ride around with an AR and a shotgun right between the seats.

What is wrong with that in other states?

Anonymous said...

Officers can be damamged also. This is the type of incident where a tazer to the brain stem is called for. I cannot say anything, in the balance of reason, it is very horrible to have happened.

Anonymous said...

Normally I agree with you. Not this time.

Even Husband can't imagine any way this was a justified shooting. Perhaps a "oops, that's not my Taser", but no justification for shooting, especially with fellow officers so close. Resisting while restrained shouldn't mean death.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the second poster here. This was an obvious error on the part of the copper. It looks like he thought he was pulling out a taser but instead grabbed his pistol. This is a training issue, as anyone knows that you do not carry your taser on the same side as your pistol. Bad training, and/or lack of the ability to function while under pressure lead to this unnecessary death. Very sad, and the family of the deceased will be awarded millions after they win their wrongful death lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

It's not about money, it's about abuse of power and the fact that his kids will always be damaged and so will the community if the state doesn't condemn this... It IS about those you have and those who don't have. Those who help the poor become impoverished themselves because they face the same vilification... Clearly we live in an oppressive system and the police department becomes the instruments of subjugation. As long as this persists, all will be in danger and we will have war on the streets...