Thursday, January 15, 2009

Roland Burris The Movie Star!

Chicago, IL—Most of my readers did not know our Blagoman shill, about to be sworn in as the new Illinois junior Senator was a movie star in a past life.

Ok folks! Tell me what major motion picture showed this image of Roland Burris?

Go ahead and make your guesses in the comments section and I will verify the right answer. A hint: Chicago coppers should figure this out in about 1 second.

The answer is posted with comments...


Anonymous said...

I believe that is Ferris Buellers Day Off - what do I win?

Anonymous said...

Blues Brothers!

Chris said...

I think it's the 1993 remake of The Fugitive

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The Answer:
Burris was an un-credited extra in the 1993 Andrew Davis box office smash, THE FUGITIVE starring Harrison Ford.

The scene Burris is in was where, Dr. Richard Kimball was being chased into the real Chicago st. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Burris is at the end of the line closest to the camera with the other Chicago politicians.

Chris said...

So does Chris win a prize?

Perhaps a story about IGOLD in March?

Anonymous said...


That film scene has historical relevance today in many ways. That was one of the last real St. Patrick's Day Parades held in Chicago.

Mayor Daley has moved the St Patrick's Day Parade, and all parades, from Dearborn St to Columbus Drive. This essentially has killed the parade(s) in attendance and festival atmosphere.

Dearborn Street runs through the middle of downtown Chicago and picked up Chicago's vibrant heartbeat. Columbus Drive is on the Lake in the middle of nowhere and with no nearby amenities. Columbus Drive is also very cold and very, very windy; there are no buildings to break the wind.

Daley also moved the St. Patrick's Day Parade from March 17th to the first Saturday preceding, no more weekday parades. This really killed the parade, how many Loop workers took off from work, at lunchtime, for the parade and festivities? How many people are anywhere near the Loop/Coulumbus Drive on a Saturday?

This was done to minimize crowd attendance, cut city worker overtime and to push the parades from downtown to other less centralized neighborhoods.

It is really a shame that the Mayor has killed the parades in Chicago.

Today's Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade, is nothing like the parades of yesteryear, depicted in The Fugitive.

Anonymous said...

January 17, 2009 7:49 AM

Same with the St. Jude parade for the police, it was moved from Michigan ave to the museum campus. No one shows.....