Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama Is An Assassination Lightening Rod.

Washington, DC—I’ve said it before that being President of the United States brings a ten percent chance of assassination with it.

Foreign operatives, the mentally disturbed and people with deep political convictions are the ones most likely to succeed in such an act.

Barack Obama is hated by millions for two reasons, the Black color of his skin and the Red color of his politics. I’ve grown up like so many Americans during the Cold War with the view that the only good Communists are dead Communists.

Like the late Martin Luther King embraced Marxism so does Obama.

I don’t have the stomach to take action until someone over-rides the Constitution threatening our freedom. History has taught us that even without such a threat there is no shortage of candidates wanting to fill the shoes of John Wilkes Booth.

The Secret Service

This organization has hundreds of agents and uniformed officers with the job of protecting the President. They know full well that the next attack on an American President may come from an unconventional and technologically advanced weapon. The days of using simple firearms for such deeds may be over.

The Secret Service has to assess every threat and deal with them. I hear the words, “credible threat” all the time and I’ll be damned if I would know one if I saw it. Every threat is credible until proven it was not a threat.

These fine men and women are sworn to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution. At what point in a President’s term do they turn on a President that threatens the American way of life?

Today we are traveling in uncharted territory with the Left leaning George W. Bush and the Liberal majority in our Congress destroying our free enterprise system.

Bailing out poorly run or corrupt banks and businesses with tax money will never work. No other solvent banks or businesses can compete with competitors getting free government money for failure.

We have the greatest challenges ahead for the American Experiment. I give neither Barack Obama nor our soon to be, former way of life much chance of survival.

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