Friday, January 09, 2009

More Genocide At A Chicago All Black High School

Chicago, IL--When I heard there were five people shot tonight at a Chicago high school. I did not have to speculate what ethnic group would generate that kind of violence. The school involved was none other than all Black Dunbar High School.

One of Dunbar’s more recent graduates is none other than, American Idol and Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson. We all know what happened to her mother, brother and nephew just a few months ago.

There was a night basketball game with players from another Southside all Black high school. Rival gangs apparently wanted to impress some cheerleaders. It was around 8:00 PM when a car pulled up and shooting began.

No this problem is not genetic it’s strictly cultural. Chicago’s Black Culture of deadly violence and lawlessness is just proudly showing itself.

Chicago police responded with some 200 officers to restore order. Police will have to use surveillance video to attempt to identify the lads involved.

Mayor Richard M.Daley’s Gun Free Zones in his Gun Free City are more dangerous than any place where firearms and concealed carry are legal. Chicago is the place where genocide reigns supreme.

Watch the video below:


Anonymous said...

im sure the students know who fired some of the shots. the young cannot keep their mouths shut. this type of incident is spreading.

Anonymous said...

Gun control increases crime and violence.The death toll will continue to rise in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

I am still looking for that kick double ass interview on blog talk radio.