Saturday, January 10, 2009

LAX Police Are Violating Civil Rights

Los Angeles, CA—I’m reporting this case today because the so-called facts provided by the LAX Police Department and local media yesterday did not make sense.

Initially the media was told by police that 37 weapons were recovered from a man’s pickup truck at an LAX vehicular checkpoint. I guess simple counting is beyond the LAX Police Department’s expertise because with a subsequent recount that number now stands at 16.
Phillip Dominguez, 47, an Orange County resident was heading to the airport to pick up a friend arriving on a flight. The two then planned to go target shooting. The LAX police put up an impromptu roadblock to conduct random searches of vehicles entering. Of course our Constitution's Bill of Rights applies to those searches and absent a court issued search warrant or probable cause that a crime was committed. Police can only search upon consent.

Police searched some locked boxes in the truck's locking truck-bed and found the firearms and ammunition. Soon the handcuffs were applied to Dominguez's wrists.

Two of the 16 guns found were said to be loaded. That was the case for an antique musket rifle and a revolver.

Police admitted that there was no evidence of a violent or terrorist plot. Just a highly technical and really lame violation over transporting a weapon was involved.

Outside of passenger screening areas there are no other special gun laws covering the airport.

In addition to the LAX police the FBI and BATFE were put on this major investigation. Dominguez was released on $50,000.00 bail at 11:00PM last night.

That says so much for the right to keep and bear arms in the Bolshevik Republic of California. Somehow I don’t feel safer as a result of this arrest. On the contrary, I feel the big hand of an out of control police state in my pants.

Here is some video with missing audio of this same fellow engaged in some paintball activities.


Anonymous said...

Phil posted this on a paintball site:
“I am a avid shooter and shoot twice a week, all of the guns are registered to me including the assault weapons. all of the guns were lock in approved DOJ containers made for transporting guns, not to mention that they were all locked in the back of truck.. There is no law against bringing guns to the airport as long as they are declared. which I did.

I was cleared by the ATF and the FBI on site.. There was so much brass out there form all of the law agencies there was no way that I was not getting arrested for something.

after10 hours of looking they finally found a law that they think I broke.. When you have registered CA defined assault weapons, you are allowed to have them, shoot them, you just can’t drive anywhere other than to and from the range..
I went to pick up Chris Cole from the airport, then we were going shooting from there.

He is in town to play the OSC with me and fridge.

So all of you haters keep on hating, what you should really be hating on is your 2nd Amendment being trampled on in the name of law enforcement.

Tell me, what good does it do to make guns laws as stupid as that one.. Do you think for one minute that the bad guys are going to follow it..I bet you this is the first case where a non gang member/ non ex felon/non bank robbing guy gets prosecuted for a gun law made for outlaws”

Anonymous said...

LAX police need to make gun arrets of anykind to justify their existance.

Anonymous said...

What a joke, WAKEUP PEOPLE!!!



Anonymous said...

Thats why there is only Police now and not COPS.

Anonymous said...

And now we know why people can fly planes into buildings.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil, not all of us in law enforcement agree with you being arrested and MOST of us think the LAX Police are a bunch of pussies for doing it. BTW, what is the LAX Police? I hope they are not connected to the LAPD.

signed- A Chicago Police Officer who respects and agrees with the 2nd Amendment.