Monday, January 19, 2009

Here Is A Family Event For Cowboys And Cowgirls That Shoot Straight

Norco, CA—I shot this video a while back and think some of my blog visitors may enjoy some of the sights of the, End of Trail Show and shoot. This is a huge three day event where every kind of Western wear, guns, and entertainment happens. This video features that cowgirl with the voice from heaven, Belinda Gail.

All of those people with loaded guns and it safer than any big city neighborhood. This is about fun, entertainment and history. The host for the event is the Single Action Shooting Society.

The grips shown are made of buffalo horn fron Eagle Grips.

SASS Events are rapidly gaining popularity in Europe.

Pretty Belinda Gail has her own site right here.


Anonymous said...

CAS is great fun for all and is family oriented.We need the shooting sports to preserve the true America.

Anonymous said...

CAS shooting is alot of fun.Its like a 3-gun match but friendlier and you get to dress up like the old west.
Plus you need to buy some guns,two pistols,rifle/carbine,shotgun plus alota ammo!!!Stimulate the US economy buy guns!!

Anonymous said...

I liked the video, youtube, that crime, guns, and videotape made.
The single action makes me wet a tooth. Easy machine to operate, few parts to malfunction.