Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gutsy Lady Foils Carjacker

Berkley, CA—Of all places to see someone refuse to be a victim of violent crime. There must be something really bad in the water people drink in the Bay Area. The pacifist attitude along with people who long for victimization makes this story unusual.

Harmony Gates is not your typical Bay Area Resident, When a carjacker got into her van - she said she grabbed his gun while it was still in his hand and said, "I'm gonna blow your balls off."

Next time I hope this lady has a loaded large caliber handgun and the training to use it.

Meet Harmony:


Anonymous said...

Sad thing is she's probably a liberal that will say "see that's proof there's no need for guns to defend yourself."

I susp the gun was either unloaded or a replica.
Hek if I barehanidly fought of a man armed with g gun, I'd never admit that.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"balls" is censored and "hell" isn't. How funny.