Friday, January 23, 2009

Governor Rod Blagojevich Is Absolutely Right About The Impeachment Railroad Job

Chicago, IL-- Governor Rod Blagojevich is absolutely correct in his assessment of the Illinois Senate impeachment effort to remove him from office. They are violating his rights under the Constitution.

I’ve never been a fan of this beleaguered governor or the people he ran with. The rub here is twofold not only do they violate Blago’s rights his co-conspirators will escape any scrutiny or cross-examination.

We will never learn the facts from the players of this sordid affair. There will be no transparency and crooks will be protected. That is not good public policy.

This is more about a cover-up to protect the administration of Barack Obama than an effort to remove the Governor.

Governor Rod Blagojevich deserves the same due process we afford child killers.


Anonymous said...

I must disagree with you very strongly on this one. This impeachment is not a criminal matter, it is a firing process. There is a different burden of proof. The good voters of Illinois do not have recall ability, and since the governor's popularity is at an all time low, and many think that he usurped his authority, impeachment is the only process allowed under the Illinois Constitution.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Disagree all you want in any administrative hearing you have absolute right to fundamental due process under the Fifth Amendment. That means confronting accusers, cross-examination of them and calling witnesses on your behalf.

The Cook County Merit Boars and Chicago Police Board both provide due process not by choice but because it’s the law.

Due process rights are not just for criminal cases but any matter that may deprive you of property or money such as your job.

Anonymous said...

Retired Sub. Cook Co. Ofc. said...

I see you didnt read much of the Illinois Compiled Statutes or the US Constitution.The blue cheat sheet book doesnt tell you much,except for traffic.

CF is dead on again and its a shame what this county is experiencing.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The Illinois impeachment rules have never been tested since Illinois has never impeached anyone. The Senate rules don’t pass legal muster.

Anonymous said...

That last picture reminded me of the three stooges.Whatauthink ??

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Paul, I believe he is being railroaded, and I don't like him and did not vote for him. He is being hung out for doing what they all do. Like I always said Nixon, got caught doing what they all did. How convenient that the players choose who to catch.

Anonymous said...


1. Blago will be convicted by the Illinois senate and lose his job.

2. The feds will realize that Blago, John Harris, and others are ticking time bombs ready to bring down lots of powerful people to save their own asses. The feds will then lay the groundwork for guilty pleas and wait for some major crisis to erupt. While all attention is focused on the crisis, Blago and Co will plead guilty and take probation.