Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cops, Private Eyes and True Crime Buffs Blogging

Los Angeles, CA—I’m not sure just how this contagious blogging phenomena has enslaved so many cops, private eyes and others but we are here.

It’s a labor of love with few rewards. For everyone who likes what I write there must be ten who don’t. I never log on to please everyone. Opinions, sarcasm and mean spirited jabs are everywhere in the blogosphere.

My goal is not to convince people as much as to invite thought and more importantly solutions for problems examined throughout the criminal justice system.

I’m a tough gun rights advocate that hates the death penalty. I demand fair trials due process for people accused of crimes. At the same time I support those three strikes laws that keep criminals behind bars.

As a blogger I must write about fun things in life too. I enjoy surprising my visitors with more than just the ugly things in our lives.

Along with my blog there are many others and now bloggers are profiling other bloggers. One thing for sure there is an interesting group profiled in Criminal Justice USA.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Paul I saw that your blog was mentioned in that article too. Mine was also mentioned.
Congrats for being one of the top 50 in the www.