Monday, January 12, 2009

Controlling Elder Abuse At Care Homes While Providing Peace Of Mind.


We’ve all heard horror stories of the rape, beatings along with the neglect of incapacitated and elderly people confined to some care facilities. Sex offenders, sadists and other criminals sometimes find employment in these places. The victims of these kinds of crimes are too often unable to resist or even complain about that kind of treatment.

In addition to investigating abuse allegations my investigation agency has taken on care facility security audits and dealing with efforts to prevent abuse. I’d much rather make these crimes impossible than investigate them after the fact.

With technology there is a cure. People will always behave themselves if they know they are being watched. Families will never have to worry about loved ones who need protection again.

The care facilities can offer a secure video link to families that will be able to watch their loved one in real time from anywhere in the world on a computer with an Internet connection. The care givers would never know when the the patient is being watched and a backup 30 day digital recording can be saved to resolve any neglect or abuse questions.

Consent must be given by the patient or if incapacitated the guardian of the patient can give formal consent. We must abide by all federal, state and local laws. Getting laws changed in states that may preclude this would be easy because of the greater good and they would accommodate the elderly by making any needed changes.

Reputable care facilities that are proud of the services they offer will embrace this effort. The facilities will find this kind of passive surveillance will both serve as a marketing tool and protection from allegations of abuse or neglect.

The tools needed are a simple computer, internet connection, camera and necessary software.

I have already brought this service to in home applications. I’ve done it in both covert and overt settings. It’s time to bring this to care facilities.

This is also about giving peace of mind to families that their loved ones are safe and in comfortable conditions.

People desiring this type of service can contact me right here for information and costs. Paul Huebl Investigations

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Anonymous said...

Excellent topic Paul! There is more elder abuse than we could imagine. It's also in regular hospitals, whereby they hire the first body that shows up because they must be staffed. I had a black dude who hated white people as a sub nurse while in the hospital recoouperatings from my heart attack and that bastard tried to take my blood using a previously used needle. He also didn't liike the way i asked him for water so he pissed in my water canister. when I complained he said "f---you, white motherf-----".. Thank God I got to another nurse and advised her who in turn got the matter to the hospital admistrator. He was fired on the spot - they found the urine in my water (i did not drink any, thank God!) and they had me sign a promise not to sue them as long as they fired him. Otherwise they were not going to fire him - and I guess they would have destroyed my urine evidence. Hospitals routinely go to a temp employer to get a nurse for midnight shift - (and his/her nurse credentials have not been checked) Get after these bums Paul!