Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Castro’s Executioner Hailed As A Folk Hero

Ernesto "Che" Guevara (1928-1967) was hailed by Communists and the Left Wing as a Liberator. The reality was that Guevara was nothing more than a brutal thug and prolific serial killer.

Guevara had the gift of good looks, a rich voice and the ability to influence a lot of gullible fools.

Guevara somehow managed to graduate medical school but quickly abandoned his Hippocratic Oath to, “do no harm” and became Fidel Castro’s executioner. Guevara was credited with personally killing thousands of political prisoners.

In October of 1967, the terrorist who lived by the gun, died by the gun. The American CIA is credited with assisting in locating and killing the total turd in Bolivia. Guevara never looked better as he finally became a good Communist by becoming a dead Communist.

Still today every Left Wing lunatic wants to elevate Guevara to the status of a holy martyr when in reality he made people like Richard Speck and Ted Bundy look good.

Those that want to impose their ideal, One World Communist State on others all deserve Guevara’s fate.


Anonymous said...

It was disgusting to find out that North Americans were lauding over Castro's henchman, Che.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Paul, Jay J. Armes, is one of my Texas heros. I have read his autobiography, a published book.
Armes rescue of Christian Brando is one of the better stories you will ever read from a pi's stand point. And his agency lives on.

Anonymous said...

It is when, not how, Obama is going to Cuba to open the new casinos saving the economy, of course, after the Castro regime resigns.

Anonymous said...

I wish Fidel would die so the US can lift the trade and travel sncations.I need some good ciggaros.Its been awhile since ive been to ISOM.

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing it would be to be one of the investigators.

Have a nice evening.

Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing that Che can hold still for the photo while that guy is tickling him. I could never do that.