Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blago’s Legacy Need Not Be Disgrace When He Can Be A Taxpayer’s Hero

Chicago, IL.Rod Blagojevich is now suffering under the tyranny he imposed on others.

Blagojevich has supported every gun control ban, restriction or other roadblock to the rights to keep and bear arms. When imposing the bans, he did so from the well protected Ivory Towers of political office. Of course there was his small army of state police bodyguards. Now all his protections are gone but for a one-year extention on the bodyguards and the state owned SUV.

Convicted of nothing the exiled leader had any rights to possess firearms taken because he was arrested. That’s even more egregious since he’s not even been indicted.

Everyone including enemies and those fearing the former governor’s future revelations on political corruption know where he lives. My guess is this man now has a big target on his back and is rightfully worried. That is not a good position for anyone.

In short Blagojevich will soon enough personally know exactly what he imposed on others.

When Blagojevich cited the Golden Rule during his impeachment remarks, I took that as a real threat made to return the full favors to his former friends and colleagues. This man knows just where the bones are buried and can bring down the entire Chicago Democratic Machine. Blagojevich has the goods on Barack Obama and his merry band of thieves who have seized control of the Whitehouse.

Under the circumstances Blagojevich is in serious danger of being silenced very soon. When that happens the Chicago Democratic Mob will make it look like suicide, an accident or blame some disturbed person for the crime.

The best thing the former Governor can do is come clean with all the corruption information while he is still breathing. Blagojevich can be remembered as the man that really made a difference. Blagojevich can have a legacy of disgrace or that of a taxpayer’s hero

Update: The security detail was removed and Blago’s butt is now the target. It’s more difficult to hit a moving target so he needs to keep up the talk show tour.


Socialism Sucks said...

Seeing him booted from office made my year, and it's still only January!

Of course, the reality is he got kicked out because he didn't realize he was supposed to be Dick Mell's puppet. That crowd dropped the dime on him in order to get rid of him.

Now he's gone, it'll be back to sleaze as usual in the Springfield statehouse.

Anonymous said...

May this legacy now be a future lesson to Illinois legislators. Rob is no longer a Govenor, He's now going to be just a Defendant.

Patrick Fitzgerald has not built a career of falsely charging people for laughs or personal political gain. Ryan may shortly have a cell mate in luxury jail.

I'd love to ship Blago to Sheriff Joe.

Anonymous said...

I hope he sings like a bird....... The sweet song of a canary, and brings them down before he has his "accident'. Yes yes and i believe in the Tooth Fairy as well!!

Anonymous said...

You have some nice photos of Blago and Barack. I have some friends and relatives who were foolish enough to support Barack in the election. For Christmas, I gave each of them a framed photo of the two of them together. I just wanted to remind them of Barry's roots in Chicago's Democratic machine.

Anonymous said...

now he has to live under the tyranny he once imposed on others....

if I may borrow a line from Charles Bronson......"now that's justice".

Anonymous said...


Why do you think they are desperately attempting to paint the picture in everyone's mind that Blago is mentally ill, insane?

They know that if he starts talking they are all through. If he talks, they are going to say he is just insane and making up stuff.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Blago is NOT getting the one year extension for protection.New Govenor Quinn has denied this perk.How long do you think Blago will last before an unfortunate accident?

Anonymous said...

Blago doesn't know squat. He is a fairly bright individual who has no sense at all. Such a moron that even though he was fund-raising as all Pols do, he was so over-the-top and blatant with it that even the heavies in politics couldn't stomach him. Blago has no sense to comprehend what the difference is between himself and typical political fundraising. He thinks he has incriminating insider evidence that will save his career as the heavies will fear his singing but I suspect all he has is typical sleazy but not illegal politicking info that will not amount to even a fingerwag at anyone. this guy is pathetic. Good riddance!