Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yet Another Reason Why Government Is Broke…

Los Angeles, CA—Despite common sense or reasonable fiscal management the Los Angeles County Board approved a request by Sheriff Lee Baca that would send 112 Sheriff’s deputies to Washington, DC in order to help police the Presidential inauguration over a four-day period.

Airfare, hotels, wages and benefit costs for the cops have yet to be tallied. Not figured into this mess is the liability for mishaps, injuries and the expected follow up litigation. There are of course local concerns that Washington should reimburse the county for at least a significant portion of the cost. Wasting local money or federal money is always wasting my money.

Let Washington’s officials hire private security vendors, or off-duty cops from surrounding states to deal with the event that will bring record-breaking crowds.

Originally this spendthrift local politicians, wanted to send 500 deputies in their extravagant feel-good gesture. This reduced amount is considered as some sort of compromise. Even is sound financial times, this kind of waste is what puts government on the road to bankruptcy.

I’m sure the money would do more good helping Los Angeles cope with military veterans or to help cover out of control medical costs of the uninsured. For now the money is simply flushed down the toilet. Never fear another bailout is always here, except of course for the taxpayers.

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Bruce Dickinson said...

Chicago is sending people also. Got to look good and make Richie's golden Goose (Obama) Happy.