Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stimulate The Economy, Buy A New Gun!

Mainstreet, USA—The politicians are telling us to spend money we don’t have. They are right. We must do what we are told. So take that credit card out to your local gun dealer and buy yourself a gun, accessories and some ammunition.

With any luck our economy will collapse anyway and you won’t be paying that credit card bill. You will be ready to fend off idle ghetto rats turning to home invasion to support their crack habits in a tough economy. Another upside is there will be fewer people in need of Barack Obama's redistribution of wealth programs.


Anonymous said...

Here in Texas after the 'Protect the castle law' and concealed carry laws , it has become almost common law that firearm carry to the grocery store is almost legal without a permit.

Crooks are aware now.

Anonymous said...

Ah,the Striker-12.Too bad BATFE had a brain fart hissy fit and reclassified these a DD.The SWD ones are crap bu the Penn Arms ones are GTG.Glodbless the South Afrikan arms industry.