Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Someone Get This Lady Back On TV

Chicago, IL-I’ve written about this single mother of two children before. Amy Jacobson worked her way up in TV news as a star NBC5 reporter until one story went sideways. There was no Libel, no injuries and no disgrace to anyone over Jacobson’s work. Jacobson hit a huge speed bump in the road and her career got derailed.

Jacobson is not a cheat, liar or sinner. She’s good at what she does and is in her prime. The ordeal she was fired over made her even more interesting and people flat want here around because she’s got real spunk.

It turns out Jacobson is a great interviewer and may better suited to do a TV talk show or even host a local TV news magazine. This six-foot Amazon’s looks and voice is a real broadcaster’s moneymaker.

Like everywhere in the U.S., Chicago’s TV news has lost its luster. The industry has not changed the way they present news in six decades. They keep trying to do the same crap that once worked for Edward R. Murrow only in high definition color.

Jacobson is a hot commodity and some station manager needs to creatively use Jacobson to bring back viewers and more importantly sponsors. The right use of Jacobson with her even higher profile may be a new lucrative beginning for Jacobson and her new employer. Rather than charity for Jacobson I see this the other way around.


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