Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Somebody Give Me A Reason To Buy An America Car…

Los Angeles, CA—I’m trying to decide on a new car. I’m looking at Toyota and Volkswagen.

I’m afraid that if there is any bankruptcy of the manufacture of my car the service warranty would become trash. Also I don’t want to do business with a nationalized carmaker. That’s even more un-American than buying a foreign car.

I guess I will be ultimately influenced by a real bargain price. All things being equal the Japs will get my cash.


Anonymous said...

Paul, I was the staunchest proponent of "Buy American" for years. After spending too many of my hard earned dollars on repair costs for my American cars, I decided to buy a Toyota Corolla for the wife. Best decision I ever made. The car is superb. I will never buy American again. BTW, all my friends who own VW's have had problems. FWIW.

Ed Skinner said...

Like it or not, we now live in a global economy. Other than *some* of the guns in my safe, just about everything I can see around me came from somewhere "off-shore".

And it may well be this "global interdependence" that comes from that global economy that will keep us from blowing each other up.

Maybe we should send Osama bin Laden a Wii or Playstation and a bunch of games? Once hooked, he wouldn't want to cut off his supply of entertainment so we'd be safe.

Oh, wait, those are probably manufactured in Malasia and the software written Communist China.


What's still 100% American made?

Well, there's Smith & Wesson...

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are getting ready to mass produce, for the US, a plug-in
car. Runs 60 miles before the backup gas engine has to kick in.
Its suppose to sell for 20grand.
Chevy(rip) is going to want 40grand for the Volt.(40milesperchg)
This car is ready now(Volt2010); I saw it on the National News..

Anonymous said...

Paul, Buy American because you're an American!~ GM today started offering five years interest free on their auto's - what more do you want? GM and ford both have gas savers and damn good cars - stay clear of the Japanese auto''s they're sneaky! The old copper

Anonymous said...

Toyota Tundras are built in Kentucky and Texas by Americans.Many of the "foreign" plants here buy many sub-componants from US based companies.

We live in a global economy.

My Ford po-po wagon has many foreign made parts on it.The rear seat says "fabrique aux Canada"

Anonymous said...

CF, I own both Toyota and VW.If you want a vehicle with the most reliability and ease of maintenance go Toyota.Don't rule out Honda,excellent product.

VWs are more maintenance oriented and have spotty QC.Their "stealership" program sucks.Why did I buy VW?They drive and handle way better than any American POS or rice burner.I also went TDI(diesel)because I make my own fuel,cant do that with a gasser.

I also do all my own repairs and service cause I do a better job and save $$$.

Anonymous said...

Two years ago I owned a Ford F-150 and a Ford Taurus. I now own a Nissan (made in Tennessee) and a Toyota (made in Japan). I also have a fantastic Harley-Davidson motorcycle that I wouldn't trade for anything Japanese. I am happy the Japanese love our motorcycles because I love their cars!!

Socialism Sucks said...

Don't buy a VW. They outsource component supplies to the cheapest East European vendors they can find. Google "VW Ignition Coil Pack Problems" for a good example. They have totally lost the plot.

You can't go wrong with a Toyota, except in my opinion they seem overpriced for what you get, especially the Lexus ES (rebadged Camry).

I'm very happy with my C300. Bankrupt or not, I don't think either I nor the thousands of other C300 owners in the US will have trouble getting spares and service anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm all confused.

Paul I just found out that my Chrysler was made in Mexico.

But my new Mobile Command Center is powered by a Ford F-450 with a V-10 Triton. Great ride.
Ford is the only new American car that I will buy now, because they didn't
ask Congress for a welfare handout.

Have you driven a Ford lately?

BTW what's up with men driving these little VW beetles around?
I saw one yesterday with flowers in that stupid dashboard holder. I thought please tell me he borrowed his teen daughters car???

Anonymous said...

Paul.. I'm really ashamed to read this from you.

My grandfather used to always tell me, "Why would I want to buy a vehicle from someone who tried to kill me?" He only bought from The Big Three.

As someone who used to work for The Big Three, has MANY family members who have their pensions, some who still work there, and will ONLY buy from The Big Three.. it saddens me, let alone angers me when I hear people who don't realize the effect of what they are doing when they are buying from the foreign automakers. The south doesn't have a clue. The West doesn't either. It's the midwest folks who notice and are effected the most. What about free trade? Why can so many foreign automakers sell their vehicles here, yet there are so many tariffs and other requirements for us to sell them there? Why don't we have them here? Why are we allowing foreign automakers to take over The United States? IT'S DISGUSTING.

I'm sorry, but enough of my money goes to China.. there is no way in heck that I will send anymore to another foreign country. Yeah, a lot of The Big Three parts and vehicles are made in foreign countries, but how else are they going to compete, when we have no requirements for them to sell their rice burners here? The United States needs to protect the American countries and American workers, let alone unions. Without unions, people wouldn't be getting paid what they do. As Home Depot and Walmart are trying to take over the world, I hope people say NO and choose otherwise.

I've own vehicles from The Big Three and always will. They produce great vehicles and treat their employees great.

Buy from The Big Three and keep your money in The United States!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Normally I would not think twice about buying an American car. But when our government turns Socialist and gives failing companies huge bailouts that is really un-America and destroys the free market system our founding fathers gave us.

I cannot support that Bolshevik crap. Socialism has failed everywhere and it will fail here too. I don’t want to contribute to or be a part of a socialist society.

Anonymous said...

That should say American companies, not countries!

leomemorial said...

Toyota. Although if you're tall like myself, low roof but the car is reliable. Love the celica...

Flo said...

I bought a Golf GTI and I am in love.

Do a youtube search for "Top Gear" and "GTI", their are some great reviews.

Also, if you're looking for a sedan; look for 2004-2006 VW Phaetons. You can score one for under $30k now ($120+ new) and they are some of the best cars ever made, especially if you can find a W12 model. It's the same platform as the Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur.

Anonymous said...

BTW what's up with men driving these little VW beetles around?
I saw one yesterday with flowers in that stupid dashboard holder. I thought please tell me he borrowed his teen daughters car???

December 31, 2008 5:09 AM

Where did you get the idea that the VW new beetle is a girls car??What logic and reasoning leads to determining a masculine or feminine car??

The beetle IS VW.The original air cooled models were one of the best selling and most produced cars of all time.Now again why is the new model a girls car.Try driving one you will be surprised at the head and leg room,ride and comfort.