Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Rush To Judgment Has Hit A Big Snag In The Caylee Anthony Case

Orlando, FL—It turns out that the meter reader who just happened to find the body now suspected to be that of little Caylee Anthony called police three times last August with tips. The utility worker redundantly directed police to the very sport where the remains were found. This cadaver finder’s story has a very foul smelling odor to it.

The police have already invested themselves into a theory accusing the girl’s young mother Casey Anthony of murder. Police will not change course now no matter what evidence they must deal with. That’s a huge failing in our entire criminal justice system.

The police and prosecutors have allowed this tragic case to become a world class circus.

Police can be counted on to avoid giving the meter reader polygraph tests or putting him through the repeated search warrants and other tools used against their already targeted suspect.

Any jury will be looking at this new evidence with a jaundiced eye as they become disenchanted with the police investigation. This will raise a huge specter of reasonable doubt.

This rush to judgment came as a result of a scared young girl’s inconsistent statements to police about the disappearance. Perhaps there was a period where the mother failed to supervise her child and was negligent. The mother understandably would be afraid that cops would arrest her and steps would be taken to take the child away.

There are many reasons for people’s lies and omissions to police. Not talking to police is a right we all enjoy but instead most people tell the cops what they think they want to hear. That's alway the rub. Once someone is caught in even an insignificant lie it may lead to an arrest, indictment and conviction.

The rush to judgment convicting and condemning Casey Anthony has been beyond sickening. This garbage has been echoed by the likes of emotionally challenged bloggers and infotainment personalities like Nancy Grace that can’t wait for the completion of an investigation before they lynch the suspect in the court of public opinion.

It was far too early to caLL this case solved. First investigators must find the body, determine cause of death and eliminate or implicate suspects. That's the only proper way to a solid investigation.

I too want cases like Caylee Anthony, Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic solved, but never at the expense of the presumption of innocence, due process or a fair trial.


Anonymous said...

I can appreciate your post and have felt something else was awry with the hwole thing, i just don't believe that Casey is 100% responsible, I have felt from day 1 there is someone else involed. Of course I don't have the answer, any more than the rest of th bloggers.
But I just have 1 thing to say to LE: "LUCY, You have some 'splanin' to do"

HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

Paul are you supposing that the mother lied 'because' of the police?

Had she either just taken the fifth and/or just told the truth, the investigation wouldn't have been so delayed and messed up.

I might have respected her had she just shut up.

Her and the enabling grandmother have led the police on a wild goose chase.

I have no sympathy for the mother or grandma.

I do agree with your Nancy Disgrace comments though.

Hi-Caliber Investigations

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate how it sounds bad that the guy reported it awhile ago. But in all honesty if nothing else Casey Anthony is guilty of being a bad mother. My mother was a drunk, but if one of her kids ever came up missing she'd report it. What she did was insane and she should be imprisoned for that alone. A parent's job is to take care of and be responsible for their child. Neither of which Casey Anthony is capable of. She should be punished for this.

Prince Frog said...

The meter reader who led authorities last week to remains believed to be those of Caylee Anthony called police four months ago, directing them three times to same site, authorities said Thursday. At a news conference, Capt. Angelo Nieves, an Orange County Sheriff's Department commander, said investigators are looking into whether the tips, called in August 11, 12 and 13, were properly followed up. In one of those phone calls, the meter reader reported seeing a gray bag on the side of the road.

...........and nobody finds this suspicious?

Anonymous said...

Here is a thought: Remember a couple of months ago when a guy reported seeing Casey parked along side a road and opening her trunk she had a bag and a shovel. Searchers never found anything. Then.... a utility worker comes out of nowhere and reports seeing a bag along side of a road. Why didn't he look in it? He then called police 3 days in a row to report seeing a bag. Why didn't he stay and wait to make sure they came to investigate? Why didn't he look in the bag? Then all of a sudden 5 months later he just all of a sudden finds "THE BAG" WITH A SKULL IN IT! after dogs and hundreds of people missed it.???? Sounds like he was the only one who knew all along where "THE BAG" was. Maybe he hid it for months, then placed it there where "HE" had reported it seen. So "HE" could be the one to "FIND IT"???? I think it is highly possible that the utility worker has been up to no good!!! tampering with evidence of a murder!!!! The police need to start questioning "THE UTILITY WORKER"

Anonymous said...

Too many other things to consider, though: The evidence in her car trunk, her searches on the internet for chloroform, and also the fact that she was the last one seen with Caylee. I guarantee one thing - if one of my kids were missing, I wouldn't be out partying, and I sure as hell wouldn't wait a month to report it, and I wouldn't hide the disappearance from my immediate family for a month.

Anonymous said...

I think something smells afoul with this utility worker. How many times have each of us seen trash bags alongside roads and I guarantee you none of us called the cops to report it. This guy is very suspicious to me. He knows something and the fact that he called 3 times makes me very suspicious.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Most criminal suspects including the innocent have a penchant for having bad judgment in handling most affairs of daily life. That’s usually what makes them suspects.

I have not and will not accuse the meter reader of criminal conduct until there is much more known.

Why rush to judgment on anyone at all. Let’s hope for a comprehensive investigation that can solve this event and bring the truly guilty to the bar of justice.

Anonymous said...

You would have made a fine Judge.

Anonymous said...

For God's sake's the child is dead and has been for some time...can we all mourn the loss of this innocent child? I am heartsick over this news, though I knew the outcome nevertheless...