Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Politician’s Tax Stimulus Rebate Money—I just don’t get it…

Washington, DC—Those people we sent to Congress want to have the Treasury Department send out checks to taxpayers as a way to stimulate the economy.

I would expect thousands of checks will be obtained through criminal means. The government has to do the accounting, prepare and send checks and that in and of itself will cost millions.

My thoughts are that it makes more sense to suspend withholding tax from American’s paychecks. They could also suspend small businesses from sending in quarterly reports. That would stimulate the economy without including so much unneeded bureaucracy and additional cost.

Of course the downside is people who don’t work or pay tax won’t get the free money. Perhaps that’s incentive for the folks that don’t work to take a job, any job. I guess that’s not a downside after all.

I guess I don’t understand the teachings of Karl Marx and need to spend time in a government re-education camp.


Anonymous said...

Paul I agree. Sad thing is the stimulus money isn't even our tax dollars. Its borrowed money from China.

Re the bail outs I contacted my Congressman and Senators. The letter is on the above link.
BTW my next American car will be a Ford.

Anonymous said...

Didnt Germany try this during the 1920s??

Anonymous said...

Re: Re-education camps, you may get your wish! ;-) Note link below referencing Obama's Ayers' plan to exterminate 25 million Americans who cannot be successfully "re-educated" within planned-for re-education camps: