Thursday, December 11, 2008

Odds Are Recovered Child Remains Are Caylee Anthony’s

Orlando, FL—Skeletal remains of a small female child were found today within blocks of missing three year-year old, Caylee Anthony. A utility worker found the remains that were wrapped in a plastic garbage bag and duct tape.

This is either a murder or a covered up accidental death. The cause of death will be a challenge to determine after six months and the advanced decomposition. Speculation will continue.

I suspect the girl’s brain may contain traces of chloroform. Police believe that chemical was involved as a tool to keep the girl asleep while her mother partied. Perhaps this will bring about the closure of part or all of the mystery. This also my only bring more questions than answers.

I don’t expect that the girl’s mother will be more willing to talk because of this. The discovery may however hasten a guilty plea of Casey Anthony who is already facing murder charges.

We can expect police to obtain yet another search warrant to look for plastic and duct tape at the Anthony home to match to the what was found with the remains.

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