Friday, December 12, 2008

Obama/Blagojevich Rift Was Nothing Personal…

Chicago, ILBarack Obama and Rod Blagojevich were pals for years. They with convicted fundraiser Tony Rezko were cooking up crooked deals all over the place. Obama’s residence in Hyde Park is one small product of that cabal. Simply take a gander at Michelle Obama’s lucrative board appointments resume.

The problem was that Rezko was cooperating with the feds and that made the embattled Blagojevich a radioactive untouchable to be avoided. Obama needed Blagojevich but not while he and his rapidly forming administration was under the microscope. That is the only reason for the current Obama/Blagojevich rift.

Someone please tell me why Patty Blagojevich collected a huge commission on that Obama real estate deal when she was not the broker selling the property? Was that just another bribe? Reportedly the US Attorney has renewed interest in looking at that specific deal.

There is no doubt in my mind that Senate seat hopeful and Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett was tipped off and that’s precisely why she withdrew her name from consideration at the last minute. Should the wind begin to blow in the right direction look for Jarrett to be the Obama approved Senate appointment ringer after all.

I fully expect the rats at every level to begin biting each other to survive. I fully expect this case to become more far reaching and destructive than the Watergate Affair of nearly 40 years ago.

In the past the mainstream media could control just what got reported, but no more. There are hundreds of bloggers digging right now that can be counted on to expose what the Obama loving mainstream media won’t.

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