Friday, December 26, 2008

New Years and Gunfire

Celebratory gunfire at New Years is a tradition worldwide. People fire guns into the air simply to make noise. Is this dangerous? It could be. This can be a big problem when the shooters are also drinkers. Accidents can always happen around loaded guns, cars, boats trains, airplanes and alcohol increases that possibility.

The danger to people outside if the immediate vicinity is way overrated. If the gun is discharged in a steep angle to the ground the bullet falls to earth at terminal velocity and that speed is determined by weight. Unless that fired bullet lands on a crowd hitting a person is incredible rare. If the bullet hits someone at terminal velocity the likelihood of injury is small.

Shooting into the air is stupid, wasteful and frightens people. To say its bad for gun owner’s public relations for is an understatement. The discharge a gun around people who are without ear protection could permanently damage hearing. Why do that to your friends and family?

Laws have been passed in nearly every city of any size prohibit this activity. Don’t do this and discourage your friends from this activity. There are still plenty of places were shooting is reasonable and expected.

This kind of behavior is acceptable only by ignorant jerks. The most dangerous flying object on New Year’s should be a Champaign cork.


Anonymous said...

You know what to do: at 11:50 find a viaduct, park under it, keep looking out both ends for approaching nitwits, then smile as you hears the gunfire and the calls of shots fired. At about 12:30 check your pick on the pool and wait: will it be the old reliable 007 and 011 or the traditional even money bet of 002? (Although 003 and 004 have picked up quickly in the last few years thanks to Section 8.)

Wonder how many of your readers need a translation for this comment?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Are you telling me I was the only guy out answering all those those shots fired calls?

I thought all the the other guys were just kidding about hiding under the viaducts! No wonder I felt like the Lone Ranger on New Years! I was the Lone Ranger! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought the city provided those fireworks in Area 2 Paul??

Anonymous said...

Geez Crimefile, you have to be kidding!! Of course you park under a viaduct from 2345-0020 hrs at the least if you're a rook! Make it 0030 hrs before the vets start peeking out. 10-1 would be the only reason you leave. If all viaducts are filled, you find the narrowest alley in between tall buildings, preferably closed factories (No Sect 8!), and sit tight. Simple, basic survival.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Of course I was kidding.

The viaducts are like FOP conventions on New Years! You can't slip a playing card between the police vehicles! :)