Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good Advice for Governor Rod Blagojevich

Start Snitching!


Anonymous said...

Blago is not crazy. This is just business as usual in Chicago,Crook County,Illinois. The players change but the corruption continues unabated.

Is this scandal, the one that Vice President-Elect Joe Biden was referring to, about Obama's first 60 days? I believe that everyone and their brother, knew that Blago was about to be indicted. The Machine did not want him to select the next Illinois US Senator.

Attempting to portray Blago as insane, is a desperate attempt to deflect how CORRUPT Illinois is.

US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was directed from above, to stop the investigation and make the arrest. This was to avoid any further Machine politicians, from being snared in the investigation and revealing the corruption of Illinois.

After reading the complaint several times, the federal case is Weak at best. Why didn't they conduct a full investigation and catch as many of this thieves as possible? Blago is just the very tip of the iceberg.

The real losers in all of this, are the taxpayers of Illinois. Until the cancer of corruption in Illinois is removed, we all continue to be made fools of.

Anonymous said...

There is but one political party in Illinois, the Party of Corruption. The labels,Democrat and Republican mean zilch.