Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chicago’s Democratic Politicians are extortionist and Thugs

Chicago,IL—After patronage was somewhat abolished by a 1969 court decision called the Shakman Decree and several years of follow-up litigation the Democrats changed their direction.

Since the army of patronage workers was decimated by Shakman the politicians turned to government contractors to fund the campaigns with cold hard cash. This went so far out-of-control that government in Illinois was ruled by extortion and bribery.

It’s impossible for anyone to become an Illinois Senator or a presidential candidate without out being inside of the thick of the criminal cabal. There is no way for President-Elect Barack Obama to escape the taint of business as usual in Illinois corruption. Of course the investigation could be shut down and derailed by additional criminal conspiracies at the highest levels.

The arrest of Governor Rod Blagojevich is just the tip of a giant iceberg. I would expect to see the rats in Cook County biting each other as they get into survival mode to avoid arrest, indictment and prison. The criminal lawyers will be making a killing over the next three years dealing with the fallout that is expected.

The biggest fish of all, Barack Obama is not immune from the sword of justice as others try to sell their information as a way to leverage their own fate in the courts.

The fallout will mean that criminal defense lawyers, defense investigators and forensic accountants will not be suffering during any recession in the Chicago area. They will have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Anonymous said...

Obama going down
Daley going down
Madigan going down
Stroger going down
Guiterrez going down
Emil Jones going down
Jackson going down
Durbin going down
All in the pay to play inner circle and all should be sharing a cell with Ryan and Blago.
TIME FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Obama, Daley and Milorad would look great on a tee shirt!