Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blagogate Witness Subpoenas Sought

Springfield, IL—Lawyer Ed Genson is demanding subpoenas for witnesses as part of his impeachment defense on behalf of Governor Rod Blagojevich. Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and Jessie Jackson, Jr. and Barack Obama . I don't think these folks are looking forward to answering Genson’s questions under oath anytime soon.

The conventional wisdom is that the Democratically controlled Illinois Legislature would bend over backwards protecting Obama and his minions. The problem is they can’t have their cake and eat it too, meaning they can’t impeach Governor Rod Blagojevich without affording him due process. Democrats may live to regret their rush to impeach the beleaguered governor.

Okay, I’m laughing at the dilemma and am pleased to report that Emanuel, Jarrett and Jackson have hired their own criminal lawyers. I can’t wait to see these impeachment witnesses taking the Fifth and refusing to testify.

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