Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bad Santa’s Flame Thrower Is Simple To Make.

Here is our Bad Santa’s flame thrower recovered by Covina, CA police.

Covina, CA—When Bruce Jeffrey Pardo went after his ex-wife and her family dressed as Santa Claus he had a homemade flame thrower. Pardo used racing fuel that is much more volatile than gasoline. The Internet is full of videos put up by kids fooling around with these devices that make ordinary firearms seem lame.

You don't need to undergo a background check to get what you need to incinerate your own neighborhood.

These devices can cremate you and your entire family within seconds without the sound of gunshots. They can be assembled with simple items you can buy at your Home Depot. How will the gun Control lobby deal with these?
Homemade Flamethrower using Weed Killer Sprayer

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Anonymous said...

Flame throwers are not Federally regulated like firearms.I really like my US MKII.