Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Democratic Party Is Self-Destructing…

So much for delegate deal-making.

Obama Just Threw His Own Church Of 20 Years Under The Campaign Bus.

Barack Obama moments ago resigned his membership with Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, where Jeremiah Wright was formerly pastor and a Catholic priest mocked Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic Primary fight has been so much fun! Mrs. Clinton’s forces has done so much to help us all know more about Barak Obama then anyone wanted.

As Obama’s friends and associates have come out to help him he’s disavowed them one by one. Far too many radicals, bombers, racists and assorted crooks have fallen all over themselves trying to get their friend and confidant elected. The more help Obama gets the more his amazing campaign flounders over redundant gaffes.

Obama has not yet seen how he will be tarred with the brush of the criminal Chicago political organization that he was spawned from. That will come from both Republicans along with Obama’s disowned and now disgruntled pals.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Dennis Farina Cleared Of Felony Gun Charge From LAX Incident!

Los Angeles—L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley’s office has declined prosecution of retired Chicago police burglary detective, turned actor, Dennis Farina on that felony gun charge.

The case was referred for review to the Los Angeles City Attorney, Rocky Delgadillo for review of any potential misdemeanor prosecution against Farina.

The requirement of intent for such a gun possession charge must be present in any misdemeanor violation prosecution. Perhaps Farina will be cleared altogether very soon. Let’s hope that happens.

Read earlier stories here.

Drew Peterson's First Legal Shot Fired At Prosecutor On That Gun Charge

Joliet ILDrew Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky has filed a motion on simple, plain English grounds to dismiss the complaint filed over a gun seized last November by Bolingbrook police.

When the gun was seized Peterson was a police sergeant and member of the department’s SWAT team. The rifle was equipment that was used in connection with that assignment.

Unlike many police departments across the country, Bolingbrook requires their officers to find and purchase their own duty weapons. The officers are reimbursed through their police uniform allowance. That includes any weapons used by the SWAT team.

The complexities of department technicalities about issues of barrel length are just that, departmental issues. The weapons themselves are covered under a federal law preemption that immunizes the officers from criminal prosecution under any state law. Peterson was charged under Illinois law that cannot be used against him.

Frustrated state police investigators have no evidence of murder so they took another route to disrupt Drew Peterson’s life. Perhaps someone should have bothered to read the law first.

Here’s a motion filed today in The Circuit Court of Will County, IL:
Read this doc on Scribd: Dismiss Motion

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The TSA Is Really Gutting Our Economy

According to the Travel Industry Association, 41 million airplane trips were avoided last year by fellow Americans. That in turn dealt a $67 Billion cumulative cost to our economy.

A landmark survey revealed shocking information that points directly at the TSA and the misery they pile on to travelers with mindless security screening games and indignities that do nothing more that provide an illusion of security.

Flying today is a truly miserable experience.

This well researched report reveales the devastating impact the TSA's pretend security is having on our entire economy. Add to this prohibitive fuel costs and you more airlines will soon be asking for bankruptcy protection along with restaurants, hotels and other tourism generated businesses.

The tax man has been suffering too but don’t worry they will be given new tools to raid our wallets soon.

Read the survey:
Read this doc on Scribd: Air Travel Survey Summary

Meet A Spunky Gal In New York City...

New York--Meet young Internet broadcaster and journalist, Samantha Henig who visits Manhattan’s only gun range. Henig is a natural for television presentations. This lass puts most seasoned medium and large market TV reporters to shame.

I predict a bright and wonderful future for the talented Henig who went into unfamiliar territory and turned a great story!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Got Gas?

Westwood, Los Angeles--Just in case nobody noticed we are in trouble. Perhaps some of us are smug that we can afford the extortionate amount at the gas pump but all costs are about to follow suit. The poor and muddle-income folks are facing a depression. Jobs will start disappearing soon too.

I’m not sure just what will follow but this country is too spoiled to cope with deprivation. The far Left will have their disastrous answers that too many Americans are ready to embrace. Our economy can’t take all the phony Congressional, stop-gap, artificial fixes they’ve unloaded on us.

Our Arab oil suppliers are working against us and want to see turmoil and civil war here. How soon will it be before the food supply is interrupted?

Supreme Court’s Parting Shot Before The Summer Recess

Like so many of my readers I’m waiting for the Washington D.C. handgun ban case, D.C. vs. Heller to be decided. Checking their calendar I know they must publish their opinion before the summer recess.

June 23rd is the last Monday they will release opinions and I will go out on a limb and predict that hot potato, Heller case to be their parting shot.

The best informed guesses are a 7-2 win for The Bill Of Rights and against Liberty haters like the Mayors of New York, D.C., Chicago and L.A. I hope to hear their whining soon along with dire predictions of blood in the streets.

Whatever the decision it will be historic and an all day news event. My chances of being right about the date of release are only one out of four. Vegas should be taking bets on this one…

Ivan The Terrible Or Just Another Nazi?

Washington D.C.--Retired Cleveland autoworker John Demjanjuk is 88 years-old now living in a quiet Cleveland suburb. This morning our nation’s highest court cleared the way for his deportation.

Demjanjuk’s life has been quite an adventure since the newly formed United States Office of Special Investigations (OSI), an obscure outfit entrusted to locate and bring to justice Nazi war criminals focused on him in 1977.

They falsely got his citizenship revoked and extradited him to Israel as, Ivan the Terrible. That was a moniker for a sadistic Treblinka guard named Ivan Marchenko. Decades later, in an incredibly suggestive photo line-up Holocaust survivors picked out Demjanjuk as the fugitive war criminal.

OSI investigators produced a NAZI identity card that proved its position as to Demjanjuk’s identity as the Treblinka sadist. That ID card was later examined by Bill Flynn a noted forensic document examiner with the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Flynn was able to conclusively prove that the card was a forgery pasted together from more than one identity card of that era.

Demjanjuk was convicted and sentenced to death and set to be only the second “war criminal” executed by Israel. That changed all when the Israel Supreme Court saw the injustice and freed Demjanjuk.

Demjanjuk returned home only to be once more identified as a Nazi by the OSI and run through the courts all over again. The standard of proof is much less than required in our criminal courts and OSI succeeded in again revoking Demjanjuk’s citizenship winning yet another deportation order.

Now what’s left for the old man is finding a country to accept him. He was ordered deported to Germany, Poland or his native Ukraine. This seems like such a waste of time and money.

Too bad that Demjanjuk was not a rocket maker so he could have been a spaceflight hero like, Dr. Wernher von Braun who as a Nazi arms maker utilized Jewish slave labor to build rockets that hit London.

Monday, May 26, 2008

UK Actor Rob Knox Was Murdered by Government Craziness

The people of The UK are beyond help and hope. They’ve handed their streets over to robbers, rapists, killers and even terrorists.

With traditional snobbery the Brits have rejected use of force to avoid violent crime. People who dare hurt a criminal in the course of a deadly crime face years in prison as well as civil actions by the predators.

I guess the pacifists rule the UK with an insane idea that laying down playing dead and total cooperation with criminals is somehow good public policy. I’m sure the UK’s most hardened criminals love Merry Old England for its kind of misplaced benevolence.

I remember the case of an American woman who used a Swiss Army knife many years ago to fend off an attacker in the Tube. The woman’s attacker was not injured and the woman faced serious time in prison. That incident took the UK off of my tourism list but for an occasional stopover at Heathrow Airport.

Actor Rob Knox, 18 who will be seen in the November opening of the latest film in the Harry Potter franchise was stabbed to death protecting his brother from a knife attack. Others were hurt during this incident.

For those who don’t know or were influenced by too many Hollywood film productions, knives are far deadlier than guns at close range. Bullet wounds seal themselves because human tissue is elastic. Knife wounds leave blood vessels wide open and our bodies can bleed out in seconds even if vital organs are uninjured.

Now the UK is trying to bring an end to knives through more laws that criminals don’t care about. They have a big KNIFE AMNESTY program underway. The great chefs of the UK may just become the latest refugees seeking asylum in nearby countries that still value freedom.

To aid the Amnesty program police have set up airport style checkpoints to frisk citizens suspected of nothing. I ask, what are UK’s politicians smoking these days?

This is all as backwards as can be and here is a simple cure.
1. Legalize reasonable force including deadly force in self-defense and defense of others.
2. Legalize the carrying of weapons including handguns by any sane and law abiding citizen.
3. Protect crime victims from civil liability from the thugs.
4. Arm all cops 24/7
5. Allow for armed private detectives and security patrolmen.

By making these changes and putting the thugs on notice will greatly slow down this violent crime rate that has been directly tied to new laws and enforcement against self-defense.

Are the Brits so dumb they can’t figure out that Charles Darwin, not the government is policing their streets?

A Part Of Me Died Today…

About 14 years ago it was time to get a dog. My wife and I wanted one because we knew just how God’s animals enrich our lives. As for me, I wanted a little mutt and I trusted my wife to go to the critter shelter and pick one out. I expected her to get some castoff dog hours away from a lethal injection and that was okay with me.

My wife arrived just before the shelter was opened and there was a mom with a little boy crying their eyes out because they had to give up Gypsy. Their tale of woe was heartbreaking as they were just part of a Phoenix TV news story. This family had recently moved into a Peoria home and the dad was a carpenter who made a dream kitchen for his family out of oak.

This family’s home was destroyed by a raging fire that caused a fireman’s helmet to actually melt onto his head. The family and their really sweet dog Gypsy, a 1 ½ year-old German Sheppard were thankfully all safe.. Aside from losing all they owned they had to give up Gypsy who was suffering from a post surgical infection after being spayed. That infection meant that Gypsy would be immediately killed as unadoptable.

My wife did not have a clue of the financial burden Gypsy would be or if the dog would really survive. When I was asked about bringing a German Sheppard into our home I had two words, “Absolutely not!” I muttered to myself because I was hoping for a little dog like Snoopy from the Peanuts comics and instead I was getting Rin Tin Tin.

I knew I was outvoted two to one, since Gypsy got to vote on this too. I went out and cleaned out the local Pet’s Mart of about $300.00 worth of needs for this K-9 contender entering my life.

Gypsy came home and wanted nothing whatsoever to do with me. She’d hide from me behind my wife. I would take Gypsy for walks but only because I had a leash on her. When Gypsy looked at me she’d be distrustful. You could see her eyes doodle back and forth. That caused me to nickname her Doodle.

I don’t quite know how it happened but after six months Gypsy finally adopted me. She claimed me and would never leave my side.

Gypsy was a smart dog, since she had me doing all the tricks for her instead of the other way around. She would religiously obey two commands, Come and Sit.

Gypsy was a great watch dog and I suspect she prevented more than one burglary. She put on that junk yard dog act for any stranger who came by the door. She’d flash her impressive teeth, growl and bark with the best of them. In reality if anyone broke in she’d run and hide. What did you expect, I said she was smart?

Gypsy had no faults. She was not destructive and was always a lady like doing her bathroom duties properly outdoors. Gypsy did keep the lint rollers and vacuum cleaner busy because she shed like most every dog.

Gypsy was loved by all who met her. I once brought her into the KTVK-TV newsroom and she gleefully played with the members of a visiting bunch of little Brownie Scouts. But for a certain terrorized assignment desk manager who did his best to keep the desk between himself and Gypsy that visit went off without a hitch.

For the last several years I’ve spent too much time in L.A. away from Gypsy. She’d forgive my absence every time I’d return to Phoenix.

Soon Gypsy was getting old and less playful. She was still pretty, well behaved and sweet. Gypsy was getting tired and today she went to Heaven. As I write this tears are landing on my keyboard. Gypsy gave so much and only wanted food and love in return. Gypsy was one of God’s better creations. I thank him for the time we had together. Rest in peace sweet Gypsy, you will never be forgotten.

Gypsy and I auditioned for the TV show Survivor together for the second season. Gypsy was the star as the following two videos demonstrate.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Save Gas And Money With A GPS Device.

Garmin will sell you a basic $200.00 gizmo that will save you gas if you travel in unfamiliar territory. I have wasted thousands of miles over the years driving to various locations. I will never get back the wasted time or money. Not anymore, I don’t go anywhere with GPS guidance now.

Wondering what to give as a gift these days? There is nothing more important in a time of soaring fuel prices.

Yes, check the air in your tires and try to remember we are not in NASCAR races when we travel on our streets. Careful trip planning will do a lot more for America than bringing back the 55 MPH speed limit.

Watch out as Democrats and insurance company lobbyists with campaign donations everywhere look for the 55 limit to boost government coffers through onerous fines. If they really gave a rat’s ass about fuel consumption they’d mandate GPS for every motor vehicle in America. They’d rather fine us for going 60 in a 55 zone.

Remembering our Dead Heroes

Another year has gone by as Americans traded more hard won freedom for the illusion of security. We have taxed ourselves beyond anything our founding fathers could ever imagine. It’s time to honor those Americans who sacrificed their lives for an ungrateful nation.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Obama Has To Offer African-Americans

Obama can be counted upon to bring the very worst of Chicago’s political corruption and the ability to scam members of his own race supporting him for his never to be fulfilled promises may not be a god idea. Just look and see what he has done for his own people in Chicago…

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mrs. Clinton’s Awkward Assassination Prediction

Today one would be president seemed to make a veiled threat against another contender for the Whitehouse. A nasty Democratic Primary campaign reached new levels when Mrs. Clinton suggested she should stay in the race like Robert Kennedy’s opponents did in 1968.

Mrs. Clinton’s remark makes the old time theater saying, “Break a leg” pale by comparison. Is this going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy?

On this blog I made a similar prediction because of the grim statistics that American presidents have more than a 10% chance of being assassinated while in office. I also pointed out that perhaps such an event is due because nearly 50 years has elapsed since Oswald killed JFK. Of course there were two attempts on Gerald Ford, one nearly killed Reagan. Then there were the candidate attacks, one crippling George Wallace and the killing of Robert Kennedy

Being a president or candidate is definitely dangerous despite the best efforts of the Secret Service. .

I think that a Black man with a 20 year ties to a racist like Reverend Jeremiah Wright, with few qualifications aside from his race and close ties to Chicago’s mob run city administration would make him a choice target for such extreme action.

In a country of nearly 300,000,000 people with a large percentage of them under the influence of drugs, legal and otherwise many more Oswald types must be lurking somewhere.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drew Peterson’s "Illegal" Rifle Was Measured Incorrectly

I’m convinced that Peterson’s Colt rifle left the factory with the barrel that’s presently on the gun. Measuring barrel length is somewhat tricky and cops are really not trained to do that.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of similar cases have been thrown out of various federal and state courts after the defense could show the weapons were measured incorrectly. Colt will provide official documentation of any firearm they’ve ever produced as to the exact specifications including barrel length when it left the factory.

Sometimes gunsmiths will shorten a barrel but there is no reason to make it 3/8” too short. If they want to make it short they will remove a lot more than 3/8”. Simply put, cutting the barrel only 3/8" shorter than the legal length is really pointless.

I have a request for information into the Colt factory as of today on the actual Peterson rifle. I already know what they will tell me. Stay tuned!

Phil Spector Was In Court Today

Los Angeles--Preparations by Spector’s defense team for yet another trial on the Lana Clarkson death inquiry are in high gear.

The trial is expended to take place despite a serious defense effort to derail Spector’s indictment. The odds against heading off the second trial are astronomically poor but efforts must be made to protect defense assertions during appeal should there be a conviction.

The trial won’t happen until the stars align for judicial, prosecution and defense calendars. Another part of the equation is the health, career issues of the judge and lawyers involved. At least one prosecutor and the judge are under consideration for elevation within the system and that would require substitutions and a substantial delay.

I suspect Judge Larry Paul Fidler brought too much attention onto himself during Spector’s first trial to be getting any serious consideration for an appellate position these days. Judges that become media or entertainment personalities are never welcomed by peers in higher courts.

Alan Jackson is a cut-throat prosecutor who takes the truth and adds 25% fiction to make the case against the defendants he prosecutes. Jackson has a gift for that and bringing an abundance of sympathy on drug addicted, emotionally challenged and suicidal people such as Lana Clarkson he wrongfully labels as murder victims. Once the decision is made to prosecute Jackson’s job is to win. Seeking justice takes a back seat.

Jackson and Fidler are too emotionally involved in this case to be really effective in convicting Spector.

Judge Fiddler wants nothing more than to be able to tell the sheriff to take Spector into custody pending a sentencing. Fidler is anything but impartial in this particular case.

The case was continued for pre-trial issues until July 29, 2008. A firm trial date was set of September 29, 2008. Firm in this context is their best intentions and really has at least a 60% chance of being bumped beyond that date.

The California Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the defense request to remove Judge Fidler for demonstrated bias.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What’s Daley’s Real Motive For Reopening Gun Registration?

Chicago--Yes, Alderman Richard Mell wanted a new window to register his guns including the one he can carry because of the office he holds.

Daley normally fought this idea for over two decades. There can only be an ulterior motive for his change of heart. Chicago’s politicians know they will lose their gun ban because of that D.C. Vs. Heller to be decided any time by the U.S. Supreme Court. Daley also knows that if gun ownership is a right he can’t charge to register guns. I fully expect Daley to jack up the fees to fill the city’s coffers at the expense of lawful gun owners.

If Chicago invites gun registration they will be able to misuse the gun owner data for future plans to harass gun owners.

Charge Drew Peterson With Murder Or Leave Him Alone

Booking Photo From Will County Jail May 21, 2008

Bolingbrook, IL--Drew Peterson just surrendered to Illinois State Police officers on an arrest warrant. He’s now charged with a highly technical gun law violation. Police now allege that one of Peterson’s rifles they took from him months ago is 3/8th of an inch too short.

At the time the weapon was seized Peterson was a sworn member of the Bolingbrook Police Department and used the rifle as a member of the SWAT team. I don’t think they rounded up the other members of SWAT team that have identical weapons yet.

Measuring barrel length is complicated and outside the training and ability of most cops. BATF agents and local cops have lost hundreds of cases against the people they’ve arrested because they measured improperly.

This arrest was made for the sole purpose of making Peterson a person prohibited from owning firearms so they don’t have to return his seized weapons. They will succeed at least until he is cleared of the charge.

Within a few short weeks we expect that gun laws like those in Illinois may be found to violate the Second Amendment in D.C. vs Heller by the United States Supreme Court. That may end this gun related prosecution.

This is happening on the eve of a court hearing that would have probably brought the return of Peterson’s eleven firearms seized during the fruitless missing person investigation of his current wife and the recently reclassified and reopened death investigation of an earlier wife.

Peterson will be posting $75,000.00 bail after cops waste more time trying to question him despite the fact he has invoked his rights to an attorney and to remain silent.

Indictment for a crime required only a paper thin level of evidence. It’s said prosecutors can get an indictment against a ham sandwich. I guess the same is not true of Drew Peterson.

This is not about Drew Peterson or whether he murdered anyone. This is about our way of life in America. This is our Bill of Rights and Constitutional protections. You’re next!

The actual Criminal Complaint and Arrest Warrant
Read this doc on Scribd: Peterson-Weapon Charge[1]

A New TV Series That My Readers Will Like, DEAD MAN’S GUN

No, it’s not really new, I just discovered it.

The title is misleading and is less about guns and more about those things we don’t understand like the Twilight Zone brought us so long ago. Mystical justice, poetic justice and the human element are showcased in the series with superb changing cast members.

This 1997 series is woven around a 19th Century Smith & Wesson, Schofield .44 Russian revolver. The gun is indeed rare and refreshing to see in films when the Colt Single Action Army stole the show long ago in Hollywood.

The Schofield was remade in the 1990s by Smith & Wesson and copied well by gun makers, Uberti and Navy Arms. I suspect the one used in the show is a lightly engraved and gold inlayed Navy Arms offering. It’s really quite pretty.

The Ed and Howard Speilman creation somehow was buried away at least from me until it resurfaced on SHOWTIME. At least I enjoy it now when I watch very little TV, that’s thanks to my trusty TV DVR.

Kris Kristofferson narrates the series as good as it gets and I’m really fond of the fine casting and acting. The writing is first rate.

The gun simply shows up in the beginning and winds up in a new owners possession by simple chance. The new owner is helped or cursed while in possession of the gun. The new owner finds his or her life changed. Predicting the direction of each story is nearly impossible.

The series was produced in Canada for two seasons. It now has seen its rebirth on cable and DVDs. Check it out, you’ll like it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Will Steve Cooley Seek Justice Or Blindly Prosecute?

Retired cop, now film actor Dennis Farina’s reputation and future is in the hands of Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley.
The former Chicago police burglary detective turned actor forgot he had a small handgun in a briefcase as he routinely began the boarding process for a flight out of LAX. TSA workers discovered the gun to his major embarrassment and put the ZERO TOLERANCE enforcement policy into action.

Zero tolerance for similar acts of forgetfulness does not further the cause of fighting terrorism or a prosecutor’s duty to seek Justice. That’s especially true for these similar violations that overwhelmingly snare off duty or retired cops rather than terrorists.

As of today Cooley’s office has not filed formal charges against the popular career lawman and actor. I take that as a sign that prosecutors understand the allegations that brought the arrest of Farina require that actual intent to violate the law must be present. Bringing a case forward to a trial when it’s so obvious that intent does not exist is horrible public policy.

On or off screen Dennis Farina has always been a genuine crime fighter. Farina’s reputation deserves to remain unsullied.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama Warns GOP "Lay Off My Wife"

I have two words to say about that, “Or what?” Obama is desperately trying to keep covered Michelle Obama’s quid pro quo position with Chicago’s taxpayer funded University of Chicago Hospitals.

Mrs. Obama is deeply entrenched with Richard M. Daley in Edward M. Burke’s Chicago corruption cabal. We can expect to learn exactly why Mrs. Obama ‘s salary at the hospital was raised suddenly from $100,000.00 to $300,000.00.

It’s too late Obama there will be volumes said about your wife. It’s open season on her and of course you. If you can’t handle that perhaps you should quit.

The sad truth this presidential campaign has been nothing but a beauty contest for ethical pygmies.

More on Mrs. Obama's employment here.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Darwin May Police Chicago’s Ghetto

The hollow suggestion that Chicago’s police officers will be getting light M-4 rifles to gain parity with street gangs has brought the wrath of the reverends and community leaders. That’s a very dangerous path for these holy agitators to take.

The concern is cops will be shooting back and possibly endangering the young neighborhood thugs. Chicago Black gangsters left to their own devices always engage in population control with a vengeance. They’ve already murdered more of their own in Chicago during the last two decades than 150 years of KKK murders nationwide.

Leaving Chicago’s officers undermanned, outgunned and demoralized will surrender the city to Darwin’s Law. Stand by for a very hot summer and an overflowing Medical Examiner’s Office.

You can’t expect officers to risk their lives and turn their own children into orphans helping communities that hate them. The officer’s agenda will change from enforcement to report writing and clean-up. Arrests will drop and killings will go unsolved.

The “08” Presidential Election Will Entertain Us For Sure

Never before, have our Presidential candidates had such incredible baggage going into a major campaign fight.

Obama’s association and deals with racists and corrupt Chicago politicians, have yet to begin being exploited. The time is drawing near for that bomb to explode. I suspect that there may even be an indictment in Obama’s future.

As for McCain he will have to rehash his tawdry role in the Keating Five Scandal. As I write this piece McCain is being exposed in a new lobbying scandal that’s breaking. McCain will never win real support from the Conservatives he has redundantly betrayed.

The match between Obama and McCain will be like nothing Americans have seen before. The information age may very well, fully gut these two pretenders before anyone is sworn in as President of the United States.

Parents Sue Maker of Metal Baseball Bats Over Son's Injury

I respect our civil courts and right to sue for torts and such but then there are cases that make us all shake our heads in disbelief.

The parents of a New Jersey boy permanently disabled by a line drive into his chest filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit. They have named the bat’s maker, the sporting goods store that sold the bat and Little League Baseball as defendants. The claim is the more efficient metal bat was unsafe.

Any form of sports is unsafe. Children die or are seriously injured in all manner of sports related injuries from swimming to simply playing tag.

As for the parents of young Steven Domalewski, we can all understand the profound hardship and heartbreak they are suffering. The fact is that if this suit is to move forward any further these parents need to add their own names as defendants for wrongful birth, negligent supervision and parenting.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Special Song…

Real songwriters seem to have all but vanished in recent years. I don’t really understand what that’s about. Here is a great song written by J. Vezner & D. Henry that's sung by Kathy Mattea. I saw Mattea perform this outdoors in Scottsdale little more than a decade ago. The song celebrates a timeless and gifted relationship. I know someone out there that will watch this more than once.

Sit back and enjoy.

Barack Obama on Self-Defense And Gun Rights

The views of this Chicago politician and would be President are really frightening. Obama would sacrifice American’s only meaningful protection from home invaders, rapists and killers.

Obama’s close alignment to Alderman Edward Burke and his puppet Richard M. Daley has kept him awash him money from the most corrupted sources. Obama has a Leftist, racist and un-American agenda for us all.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Chicago Police And Physical Fitness

Being a cop is not good for anyone’s health unless they’re assigned to bicycle or mounted patrol. Cops sit in a patrol vehicle answering calls and do minimal walking.

Cops never run on the job except when chasing offenders now and then. Cops eating habits are horrible because they don’t get to plan their lunch breaks. The number three on the McDonalds menu is the rut cops fall into.

Regular exercise for the most part is non-existent for too many cops.

The only cure for this is to give cops a 45 minute workout period before they begin their tour of duty. Paying them to exercise is cost effective when it keeps cops off the medical roles and covering insurance cost for their heart attacks.

Being a cop means that once they hit mandatory retirement at 63, they won’t be collecting their pensions for very long.

Some districts where our cops patrol have a serious shortage of clean and nutritious places to eat. Firemen are able to plan and make great meals to rival mom’s home cooking.

J-Fed seems to be trying to figure out a way to put cops into better shape. Any way at all but, allowing cops to work out on city time like our firemen. Ever notice that firemen are so much more fit then cops?

Too many Chicago cops are only one foot chase closer to a major heart attack.

Retired LAPD Cop's Movie Security Deal Being Tampered With

A group of retired LAPD coppers have a sweet deal providing security for Hollywood’s Film Studios. They handle film location sets, and film premiers throughout Los Angeles. They wear LAPD style uniforms, weapons and drive look-alike LAPD motorcycles. Proudly they wear their retired shields.

The retired guys work under strict LAPD regulations just as they did when they were active officers. They are also part of The Motion Picture Officer’s Association.

Now the LAPD wants to boot these guys forcing the studios to hire current off duty and inexperienced officers. I say leave these guys alone! They’ve served their city and should be able to sweeten their retirement to help put their children and grandchildren through school. They protect all those around them when they work. The studios have years of confidence and trust invested in these fine men.

There’s more here in today’s L.A. Times

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Riding an elephant in historic Jaipur, India

If you visit the massive Amber Fort in Jaipur you must arrive there by elephant. What a view! I was imagining that I was the Maharaja and my troops were behind me with 40 or 50 young and hot concubines waiting for my charms. As the dream was really getting good my elephant driver’s cell phone rang. Oh well…

Another Child Shot By Chicago Police For No Reason At All

Chicago--But he’s a mere child! Not really, he’s 19 years old. Javara Gardner’s 8th grade picture (Class of 2003) is proudly displayed by WMAQ-TV with allegations that an innocent man was shot down by police for no reason.

Some in the crime ridden neighborhood's 5800 block of South Damen Avenue now claim police planted a gun as evidence to frame the now paraplegic Gardner.

This is another racial hot potato that began Sunday afternoon when police responded to a 911, Man with a gun call.

They spotted Gardner who ran, dropped his gun and was shot while trying to retrieve it and shoot a cop.

Now the neighborhood called in all the reverends, lawyers and gullible news media to spin this story around and around.

They are screaming Gardner was shot in the back. That seems to match the officer’s stories because he’d have to bend over and expose his back if he was picking up a gun.

I ask my brothers in blue why bother to do your job if you are not wanted? I say Darwin’s law is the only one they need in Chicago anymore.

Officers should simply come in write, reports, allowing the streets and sanitation department and the cadaver removal services clean up the messes. The benefits are fewer complaints, lawsuits and you won’t be disgraced as you're stripped of your police star.

See WMAQ-TV’s overly inflammatory story here.

Anthony Pellicano Had A Fool For A Client

Like nearly all criminal defendants that choose to represent themselves as a lawyer, Anthony Pellicano proved he was not up to the task.

A jury just returned 76 out of 77 Guilty Verdicts. I have not attempted a time computation but suspect that the 64 year-old Pellicano won’t see freedom unless he lives a very long time.

Pellicano was a professional eavesdropper not an investigator.

Pellicano could only exist because people involved in litigation would do anything to uncover the lies and expose motives of liars and extortionists. A wire-tap is absolutely useless unless it can uncover lies people freely tell even while under oath.

What’s the bigger crime, the lies or the wiretaps? We live in an ugly world.

I suspect many of his culpable clients are safe because of the expiration of the Statute of Limitations.

Of course there are volumes of encrypted telephone calls and other computer files that the feds were never able to crack. Pellicano still holds the only key to Telesluth.

Pellicano for all practical purposes died today and the only CPR measure that can bring him back to life is for him to snitch like a magpie.

I still don’t rule out a sentencing deal as that savvy former PI still has what prosecutors have been praying for. I think they still want to see some big Hollywood power brokers doing the perpwalk.

The latest from AP can be hound here.

The Republican Party Has Lost Its Way In America

Before the GOP was firm in their stand on taxes, over-regulation, crime, rewarding productive Americans, and keeping government small. Not anymore.

Today Republican leadership has allowed and encouraged Mexico to export poverty, drugs and crime here with their actions on legislation and enforcement. They have gleefully joined in the over-regulation and over-spending ways of extremist Liberals.

Leftist politicians like John McCain have sought refuge in the party where voters assume the party’s platform is followed by those accepting the party label. New York has always led the way with the most Leftist politicians pretending t0 be Republicans.

The candidates offered up as presidential candidates were as bad as it gets. Ron Paul offered some hope but his age and lack of name recognition did him in early.

We have qualified Republicans in Congress like Arizona’s John Shadegg. Shadegg has a stellar reputation for honesty, electability and real charisma. The present Republican leadership is controlled by party infiltrators and interlopers with non-Republican agendas.

This election brought us candidates from every direction that have a very foul odor about them. I can’t imagine why in Hell we can’t do better.

J-Fed Met with The Troops

Chicago--Daley appointed an overpaid law enforcement bureaucrat that will never enjoy success under the corrupt anti-police city administration.

The meeting was attended by 100 to 200 officers. Second City Cop readers and another fine blogger, Rue St Michael Bienvenue recorded the minutes for posterity.

J-Fed had nothing concrete to offer the undermanned, poorly equipped and demoralized officers. There were a few gripes put forth that J-Fed is taking under advisement.

Little was settled but J-Fed is figuring out he has no clue about the street police work he’s supposed to be running.

O.W. Wilson came in as a civilian but he was once a street cop before he became a criminologist and professor. J-Fed was a federal paper pusher.

J-Fed would do well to lose the uniform and gain respect. He needs to figure out how to get the worthless mayor and city council to bring the department into the 21st Century. J-Fed needs to deal with manpower, equipment deficiencies. Nobody can be expected to work where promotions are based on clout, race and sex quotas rather than ability and knowledge.

I have two words for J-Fed, short term. The real problem is a city administration mired in corruption and greed rather than any concern for public service.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taking A Little Drive In The Neighborhood.

I love going to India for work or play. You never get the feel of the country simply seeing their famous landmarks. I have 12 hours of video and thought my visitors might experience going for a short drive listening to Kenny G. The driving skills of local drivers meet or exceed Nascar standards.

The only problem I ever had is my disagreement with Indian food. Don’t worry many American chain restaurants like TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays, Pizza Hut and many others can be found everywhere sans beef of course. Three months eating only chicken or fish will do us all some good. You never see many fat Indians do you?

Fugitive Soccer Mom Still Has That Smile

Plymouth, MI—Despite being subjected to a long and horrid trip in chains from San Diego to Plymouth on a prisoner bus this Soccer Mom can still muster a smile.

Susan Lefevre now known as Marie Walsh is seen in her latest prison mug shot.

I don’t know too many women Walsh's age that can tolerate being photographed without having their hair done and without make up.

Walsh is preparing to make her case that she has been punished enough for that youthful drug commerce indiscretion as a teen 33 years ago in Saginaw, Michigan.

Walsh’s original sentence of 10 t0 20 years was off the charts of harshness for similar first time drug felons.

So far hundreds of citizens have called Governor Granholm and or signed petitions for Walsh’s speedy release.

Walsh’s husband and three children are struggling with this family disaster as best they can.

Right now Walsh is getting acquainted with her lawyers as they map out plans to prove Walsh has never re-offended in the 32 years she’s been a fugitive at the proper legal venues.

This ordeal is far from over. Many years and tears could pass before Walsh jumps all the hurdles to return to a life of wife and mother.

Police Use Airport Style Frisking On The Streets

“Look! You fools! You’re in danger! Can’t you see? They’re after you! They’re after all of us! Our wives…our children…they’re here already! You’re next!”—Dr. Miles Bennell

I lifted line delivered by that wonderful actor, Kevin McCarthy from the great 1950’s film, Invasion of The Body Snatchers as a desperate warning of where we are headed.

I don’t know about my fellow Americans, but the day they try this crap here is the Day I take up arms against my own government.

You have to read this assault on Liberty and Freedom to believe it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TV News Sucks More Than Ever!

Ever since Edward R. Murrow hit the scene, TV news executives have not dared change their proven pattern of boring news presentation. That pattern survived through nearly 50 years as a time honored proven winner. A proven winner only if you have a captive audience with no real TV news alternatives.

Before the last decade or so we had only three TV channels all doing news on a Monkey See, Monkey Do format. With the cable explosion and now the Internet steadily drawing once loyal viewers away, the old ways need to change in a hurry.

If I was a general manager or news director with creative authority I would do it all so differently. Gone would be the trusted unchanging anchors. Instead reporters would assume those duties on a rotating basis from the newsroom instead of those sterile news sets. Messy reporter and producer’s desks are far more visual and interesting.

The attention span of today’s rapid-fire remote control viewers can’t tolerate the predictable old format anymore. I suspect if Murrow reappeared viewers would zap him back to his grave in an instant. Of course reporters doing stories out in the field have to continue to tell their stories pretty much the way they always have. Reporters and photographers must be encouraged to try new things.

The photographers need to lose their tripods but for press conferences and bring some excitement to their visuals. The viewers need to see the whole scene of these events both in front of and behind the cameras.

I’m not big on the VJ, system where a reporter becomes the photographer, producer, and sound man. However there is a place for those skilled players in every TV newsroom.

Clothing worn by reporters should match the stories and never be predictable.

TV news websites are getting better than ever. Court documents, police reports and such should be made available in their entirety on these well promoted sites.

The news outlet’s websites video embedded codes should be placed on all video packaged stories so the thousands of bloggers can be licensed to use them freely. This would give additional story life and revenue possibilities. The advantage here is a small ad clip goes with that story along full credit for the source.

Station General Managers and News Directors can change or they may find themselves working as Wal-Mart greeters. These are desperate times that call for radical experimentation.

Anonymous Rape Tests And American Justice

The federal government has demanded that states allow and pay for programs that invite people to submit themselves for anonymous rape tests. Potential evidence would be sealed while the "victims" makes up their mind whether to accuse someone of rape.

Rape allegations are only a 911 call away. We can all remember that most famous rape victim poster children, Tawana Brawley and the whore the Duke LaCrosse players paid to strip at a party.

False allegations are made every day and thousands have gone to prisons for rapes that never occurred or after consensual sex.

I see this anonymous program inviting all manner of extortion games after a consensual sex acts. A false allegation will nearly always cause a criminal felony trial and a jury will decide just who they want to believe.

I don’t want to dismiss or discount the reality that real rapes happen along with an emotional nightmare for the victims. But encouraging people to wait rather than report crimes invites all manner of shenanigans and manipulation of the criminal justice system. Very often the lives of the falsely accused suspects are destroyed despite acquittal by a jury. This program was a really dumb idea.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Caught Bringing Guns Into Airports…

Los Angeles--According to what one LAX Police official told the L.A. Times the vast majority of them are off duty cops and such.

Cops carry guns everyday of their lives and don’t dwell on that fact. They are comfortable in knowing they are supposed to do so. Cops are absent minded too.

An example is when a cop is getting on a plane to attend the funeral of a family member or dear friend. Grief and devastating news can consume any normal person who is allowed by law to carry weapons. Remembering that the gun in a bag you drive around with by automobile every day is suddenly contraband on the airplane escapes many. The same goes for retired cops, security people such as bodyguards and private eyes.

The sad news is that many of our law enforcement officers caught up in the TSA dragnet have their careers and in some cases lives shattered by these monumental and embarrassing events.

For safety of all passengers it’s better that trained, vetted cops and retired cops carry their firearms without questions, beyond their official credentials.

It’s mindboggling when you know that two of the four doomed planes on 9/11 had disarmed cops on board who could have stopped the hijackings but for an insane and stupid FAA policy backed by a dumb federal law.

Personally I believe the Second Amendment does not end at a TSA passenger screening checkpoint and neither does the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure.

Accordingly, I don’t think it’s too much to ask our government to leave the cops and all American citizens alone if investigation reveals that there was no intent to do harm.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

LAX Cops And TSA Bust Former Burglary Dick Turned Actor Dennis Farina

Los Angeles--It seems that Dennis Farina forgot he had a little .22 pistol in his briefcase as he went through an airport checkpoint at LAX this morning. The TSA weenies saved us from yet another hijacking!

Farina honorably served as a Chicago cop spending most of his career as an Area Six burglary detective until he and and a former robbery sergeant, Chuck Adamson were discovered by legendary film director and Chicago native Michael Mann. Soon Farina took his leave of absence and early retirement to portray a cop in scores of projects on the small and large screen.

Farina has returned for many funerals of fellow officers and never missed a chance to help one of his own.

The TSA called LAX Police who booked Farina at the LAPD Pacific Division on a felony charge. Farina’s gun was allegedly not registered in California. California gives their residents a 60 day grace period in which to register firearms imported from other states. Farina told police he had recently brought the gun in from his home in Scottsdale.

Farina owns and lives in properties in Michigan, Illinois, and Arizona that I know about. Farina spends the least amount of time in Los Angeles and should not be considered a resident subject to local gun registration laws. Federal law lets retired officers carry firearms and another federal law protects non-residents from state and local registration laws where simple possession is involved. Police chose to charge Farina with a felony. Bail was set at $35,000.00, I never knew Farina was such a flight risk or so dangerous to the public.

Normally I avoid harsh language on my blog but this arrest is beyond CHICKENSHIT. What the Hell is going on in America?

The United States Supreme Court will be ruling on whether Americans have a right to keep and bear arms any Monday in D.C. vs Heller before the summer recess.

As I have always said, gun laws only impact the law-abiding. Will Farina get punished for being absent minded? I hope not. For now he is being punished with bad publicity, the Hollywood Perpwalk, court appearances and wasted time and money dealing with lawyers.

Through his publicist, Lori De Waal, Farina said "I apologize to anyone and everyone that I have caused any embarrassment or inconvenience to. It is my own stupidity to find myself in this embarrassing situation. I don't put the blame on anyone else but myself. I want to apologize to my friends, family and business associates who I'll explain to privately later. I'll be spending the next few days kicking my own ass. No one is more embarrassed than myself."

Here’s where Farina and I disagree. Obviously Farina did not intend to bring the gun onto the plane or hurt anyone. The police investigation should have uncovered that and they could have used discretion by releasing rather than booking the actor.

Farina obviously showed real class despite being subjected to an unnecessary trip through the criminal justice system as a defendant.

Farina’s latest movie, “What Happens in Vegas...” just had a premier at the Mann Village in Westwood, Los Angeles. Maybe the LAX Police are “helping” sell tickets?

LASD Sheriff’s Booking Record.

An Update:
Farina was released on bail after 12 hours in custody from the Van Nuys jail. I can just imagine fumbling around for cash on a Sunday when all the banks were closed for a bail bond from a jail cell must have been quite a challenge. Here is KTLA-TV's top story at 10:00 PM

A Small Mother’s Day Present For Fugitive Soccer Mom

Aside from more major newspaper editorial support for Marie Walsh’s freedom, she arrived somewhat early from her 2000 mile prison bus trip last night.

Walsh will be held in a quarantine setting for a while as she is processed into the general population at the Robert Scott Correctional Facility in Plymouth, Michigan.

Soon Walsh will have an approved list of people she can call by telephone assuming she has money in her personal prison account. It takes time for the bureaucracy to handle these things.

All of Walsh’s visitors including family members will have to undergo background investigations by prison officials before any visits can take place.

My hopes are that a defense lawyer can get the original Saginaw County Court to accept a motion for re-sentencing. Should the court take jurisdiction they may well set bail and release her pending a pre-sentence investigation and further court appearances.

Walsh’s former prosecutor publically said if he was the prosecutor today he’d join in Walsh’s motion to set her free. Walsh has been punished enough. Hopefully the current prosecutor may have a similar attitude. Of course the court will have to accept jurisdiction over this matter befor any movement here.

Should that effort fail a commutation application must be initiated and put into the Pardon Board’s overflowing caseload for consideration. A hearing would result and and recommendation made to the Governor. I know that Governor Granholm is well aware of this case but only she knows what she will do.

Let’s hope that this 33 year-old nightmare ends for Marie Walsh and is put behind her.

Read today’s Detroit Free Press editorial here.

Why murders and violent crimes are a big city phenomenon.

It’s actually very simple; Blacks and Hispanics live in these cities.

It’s really about the culture embraced by these minority groups and not the color of their skin.

The apologists can talk all they want about the root causes being poverty, ignorance and despair. Murder epidemics are just not present where these same issues plague White Americans.

I’m not suggesting that White people don’t murder or commit other violence; they just do it far less frequently.

Here is something that proves my point. Take your own Meghan’s Law sex offender web sites in large cities and examine them. Search for offenders by zip code and you will find very few offenders in predominately White zip codes. Do the same for sex offenders in the Black or Hispanic zip codes and see frightening numbers of rapists and child molesters.

In our large cities the jails are as high as 90% minority occupied. You can argue poor people have no money to post for bail but it’s also true for non-bondable offenses like murder.

To suggest that discrimination and racial profiling by police result in these crimes is a bogus argument. How these factors impact out-of-control minority related rape and child molesting crimes? They don’t because it’s a lawless culture problem.

There is no cure short of banishing minorities out of our cities to some other continent or even genocide. Those are not the practices of a civilized nation so another way must be found.

The Drug War has done nothing but provide opportunities for huge wealth in America. That has given the minorities reasons to kill each other. Disputes tied to territory, snitching, stealing and grudges have turned minority neighborhoods into war zones.

The Drug war bringing vastly inflated prices/profits for drugs that a significant percentage of Americans consume has brought us much more blight and crime than the drugs themselves.

The ugliest part of our Immigration mess is Mexico’s export of drugs, crime and poverty into the United States. If the drugs were legal the out-of-control violence would end. The flow of criminals bearing drugs, death and deatruction would also end.

Let’s spend the Drug War money on treatment for the drug dependent. As for those young, neighborhood drug dealers, perhaps their new unemployment may lead them into job training programs.

America is a great country that generates new millionaires every day. Perhaps a culture of violence can somehow change into a culture of productivity.

Here is an interesting L.A. Times statistical break down of murders by race in the Los Angeles Area.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

O.J Simpson’s Gift Keeps On Giving

The larger than life O.J. Simpson was made for all manner of journalists. Sex, murder, rumors, lawyers, profiteers and Fred Goldman follow Simpson wherever he goes.

We can only speculate who murdered Nicolle Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The public made their guess and jury verdicts notwithstanding, Simpson is standing alone as the killer.

The ongoing Las Vegas Palace Station robbery case is nothing but garbage. This sordid mess is not worthy of the tax dollars it will burn trying to sort out which group of thieves, thugs and liars robbed the other. Another fortune will be made by writers and pundits who cover the saga.

Simpson has made many careers and millions of dollars for so many writers and television personalities already. They include disgraced, former LAPD Detective and convicted felon, Mark Fuhrman.

Now comes yet another profiteer who is putting a new book up for sale, "How I Helped O.J. Get Away With Murder: The Shocking Inside Story of Violence, Loyalty, Regret and Remorse".

Had not the Statute of Limitations expired on felony Obstruction of Justice crimes the confession by the book’s author would bring him some well deserved prison time.

Who better to tell us about that book but the incomparable Associated Press correspondent, Linda Deutsch. Deutsch has been covering Simpson for the AP for a substantial period of her career.

Read Linda Deutsch’s exclusive story here.

A Treat For Horse Lovers

I have a fondness for horses, but then what’s not to love about some of God’s masterpieces? This film will mystify and amaze you like it did me. Whatever you do, don’t try this at home!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Detroit News Editorial Asks That Fugitive Soccer Mom Be Set Free.

This extraordinary case needs to run through the Michigan Parole Board and Governor’s commutation program at a record speed. I hope that the parole board sees things the way I do and so many kind people that have stepped in to help Marie Walsh.

Read today’s editorial here.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

How Big Cities Protect High Profile Gun Free Zones

Los Angeles—KNBC-TV veteran anchor Paul Moyer told viewers about newly released information on a July 4, 2002 terrorist attack at The LAX, El Al Airline ticket counter by a suicide gunman who unleashed a bloodbath.

I strongly recommend that citizens with adequate training ignore politician’s gun bans because as this story demonstrates self-help is all you have to survive the unthinkable. Carry your guns so you and others may live through events like the one Moyer reports.

Read Moyer’s report and watch the compelling video here.

Governor Granholm Should Exercise Leadership On The Soccer Mom Fugitive Case

Susan Lefevre is on a prisoner bus traveling to a state that felt she needed 10 to 20 years imprisonment to turn her into a productive and law-abiding citizen. Michigan was dead wrong as today the stellar wife and mother, now know as Marie Walsh has become today serves as solid evidence of their misjudgment.

I’m asking along with the hundreds of the fugitive’s friends and supporters for Governor Jennifer Granholm to use her commutation power in an unprecedented way in this unparalleled case.

Governor has sole commutation power to set Lefevre free under Article 5 & 14 of the Michigan Constitution. That’s despite a bureaucracy that was set up to include all ten politically appointed members of the Michigan Parole Board.

Usually parole boards are expected to be clairvoyant and predict which offenders are worth the risk of parole or commutation. They investigate and take a long hard look at each case before them and they nearly always vote on the side of caution against disturbing sentences imposed by courts.

Despite clear powers to do so, Michigan governors have never bypassed the parole board process or given a commutation where the board has not recommended mercy. Nobody can recall a similar case like Marie Walsh’s either.

The governor can and should sidestep the parole board’s fortune tellers because she is empowered to do so. Granholm can begin her own investigation and act reasonably and prudently before any clemency application begins its journey.

This is not to slight the members of the parole board or their important work, this rare case does not need to waste their time and limited resources.

The governor can save a family, save taxpayers a small fortune and bring a fair resolution to this woman’s case by just being a courageous governor.

The cost to taxpayers of keeping Marie Walsh for five and a half years in prison is well over $172,000.00. I know there are more important uses for that money than protecting Michigan from a middle aged, reformed soccer mom who lives 2,000 miles away from the place where she offended so long ago.

Here is the contact information for Governor Granholm:
Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
PHONE: (517) 373-3400
PHONE: (517) 335-7858 - Constituent Services
FAX:(517) 335-6863

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Defiant Mrs. Clinton

Throwing good money after bad to prop up her doomed campaign is fun to watch as long as it’s her money and not tax dollars.

The real truth is but for Rush Limbaugh’s "Chaos" campaign Clinton would have run out of gas long before now.

Aside from Clinton’s horrible history of deception and corruption I believe this woman is an un-American subversive. Clinton is bad for America.

Mrs. Clinton would rather watch the Democratic Party crash and burn before she’d do what’s right and withdraw.

Will Clinton play an extortion game on Obama? I expect Clinton will vow to haunt Obama by staying in the race until he agrees to let her be the Vice President candidate.

Obama has risen out of Chicago’s Burke/Daley corruption cesspool and shows promise to run the entire nation like the dying crime-ridden metropolis.

Obama may claim he’s not an un-American racist like his 20 year spiritual advisor but we all know that if you lay down with dogs you will wake up with fleas.

When Obama was not with Reverend Not-So-Wright he was lockstep with the worst of Chicago’s crooked politicians.

Aside from Obama’s lack of achievements he is a sad offering for any American political office.

What in Hell happened to the Democratic Party of America?

The Busing Of Marie Walsh To A Michigan Prison Cell

Susan Lefevre now known as Marie Walsh has just begun a lengthy bus trip from San Diego, California to Plymouth Michigan where she escaped over three decades ago.

Michigan contracts with a private prisoner transportation vendor that provides this service as authorized under a specific federal law.

The bus will be visiting jails and prisons everywhere along the way where they will load and unload their high risk passengers.

I suspect that this trip is the most miserable way to travel and may take as long as two weeks. Walsh will be wearing chains on her wrists and ankles during every moment she is in the bus.

For Marie Walsh this may be the loneliest and most frightening trip she’s ever taken in her life.

The good news for the Walsh family is that the legal machinery will begin considering requests for a sentence reduction or commutation as that bus arrives.

When Marie Walsh steps off that bus she can hold her head up high and smile because the last three decades brought her a fine family that’s very proud of her.

We will find out if justice is tempered with mercy in Michigan as this story unfolds.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Predictably Primary Election Has Been Reduced To Race.

I did not expect American Blacks to vote for any candidates of a different skin color in a million years. Obama’s pastor did a really fine job of dividing the races.

I see the usual Black precincts of Lake County Indiana are last to be counted. Of course I’m convinced they’re busy as usual stuffing those ballot boxes for their favorite color of candidate.

Hillary vowed to work herself to death helping Obama should he become the party’s standard bearer. We can only hope Clinton was telling the truth! Really I’m hoping that that these contenders hate each other enough not be on the same slate ever.

Now I’d like to help the Democrats and suggest that the Democratic VP choice be Al Sharpton!

The Democratic Primary race is somewhat like watching the infamous and extreme Bumfights video of several years ago.

As for November it will be just another lackluster General Election between politicians uniquely unfit and unqualified to run this country.

Javert 2, Escapes, O. As yet another Long Time Michigan Escaped Convict Is Captured In California

Santa Barbara--Javert of course, is the fictional policeman from that great Victor Hugo Novel, Les Misérables. Javert chased the escapee, Jean Valjean across France catching him nearly a lifetime after he had reformed and became a beloved town mayor.

This is an example of lightning striking twice within a couple of months. In February, a long time, trusted and well liked University of California Santa Barbara employee, Jason Von Straussenburg, a Developmental Technician in the Biological Sciences Department was nabbed after an anonymous tipster told authorities he was really a Michigan escaped convict. The tipster was correct in fingering Roger Crona who broke out of another Michigan prison in 1972.

Carona was twice sent to prison for auto theft related offenses.

Decades have gone by and Crona found the good life in this beautiful coastal town. He put his larcenous ways behind him and at 61 years of age he could soon reasonably expect retirement and a nice pension.

Now Crona is waiting for the extradition train back to Michigan. So far he has refused to waive extradition. If the requesting state wants him it’s almost a sure thing to happen.

Extradition laws involve governors of both involved states to agree to allow a prisoner to be surrendered and moved. The requesting state has to pick up the prisoner and pay for transportation. Often states elect not to bother if the crime is not considered important enough. Crona may well have gotten closer to getting this thing behind him if Michigan decides to give their taxpayers a break.

I see no purpose in wasting money to incarcerate obviously reformed middle aged folks. I say let Mr. Crona who retired from his short auto theft career also retire from his university job far from taxpayer’s wallets.

However it happened Michigan authorities will now have to grapple with two somewhat similar ancient cases. Of course Susan Leferve now known as Marie Walsh was captured little more than a week ago.

Michigan Department of Corrections Information here.