Friday, April 25, 2008

It’s The Culture And Your Gun Laws Stupid!

Chicago’s most recent spike in violence is a 100% African American problem. Their culture is beyond defective. Black on Black crime is a way of life wherever and whenever school work, productivity and good behavior take a back seat to gangs, drugs, hip-hop and killing.

Thankfully not every Chicago African-American subscribes to the criminal Black culture. They have to cope and try and protect themselves with nothing because they won’t violate Chicago’s gun ban. Instead they avoid seeing, hearing or speaking about what goes on around them. Cooperation with police here spells death and the local cowards know the good folks are unarmed an unable to resist attack.

Chicago’s officials claim they want and need cooperation. To get that cooperation they have to allow and train and encourage people to protect themselves with firearms. The criminal element does not deserve the protection Chicago’s politicians provide to thugs through gun bans.

Here is a report from CNN. As usual they call the 19 year-old gang-bangers children, Listen to Barak Obama stutter his way around this story remembering only too well that attacking gun rights cost him votes.

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