Monday, April 21, 2008

Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I don’t really care who they are or what they believe. They have a right to exist and marry who they please as often as they like.

Okay we’ve all heard about young teen-aged girls marrying older men. I believe that nature or God, not other people’s religious and social values determine when younger people are ready for marriage and child bearing. That said, I find government’s uninvited and manufactured probable cause evidence used to obtain a search warrant an un-American outrage.

No adult or child should be forced to live with anyone including their own parents if they don’t want to. The same goes for marriages. I’ve heard no evidence of any involuntary membership of this community. What willing families no matter how different, wish to do should not be anyone’s or government’s business.

I don’t care if these people collect welfare entitlements beyond their personal needs or personal wealth. Since all of Central and a lot of South America have been raiding our treasury it’s nice to see any Americans getting theirs too. The answer to welfare fraud is real welfare reform. Don’t hold your breath until the Bolsheviks in Congress deal with that idea!

I do sincerely hope that the women of this community get some serious fashion and makeover tips while they are away from their big social/religious community. It’s sad to see so many young women dressed in such drab and ugly attire.

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Anonymous said...

Ever hear of interbreeding? Go as the Muslims and thier muli-marrages about that.

Yes, you can get just that from polygamy. Bet all those DNA test will dig up many cans of worms.

And while you are at it, ever hear of bigamy? Granted they have more than 2 wives but still, there is two or more.

You are going to find alot of crud being done in the name of polygamy. Forced marrages to kids is just one of them.