Thursday, April 17, 2008

Airline Scapegoat’s Termination Proceedings Begin

US Airways has started termination proceedings seeking the dismissal of veteran pilot James Langenhahn according to Flight Deck Officer’s Association Vice President, Mike Karn.

The firing is in connection with the gun accident in the skies over Charlotte, NC last month as Langenhahn was stowing the gun contained inside a padlocked holster. The TSA dangerously dictated that pilots place a common padlock across the trigger of a loaded gun. The inevitable happened when the gun went off as a result.

I warned of this problem here at Crime, Guns and Videotape last December.

The pilots were and are precluded to publicly talk about or criticize the holster or insane locking procedures that were the obvious cause of the accident.

The TSA has been able to cloak their incompetence and other failings under National Security. That is until I learned about the foolish procedures and exposed them

After the accident I have placed my video recreation of the actual accident that has been viewed thousands of time and shown on national television.

I fully expect Langenhahn to sue his airline for any contract breech and the TSA for their negligent administration of this most sensitive and important area securing our skies from terrorists.

The pilots need to stick together on this one since it’s a matter of safety. Perhaps a job action is in order to get the program taken from that rogue government agency, The Transportation Security Administration.

May I be the first one to suggest that fellow pilots and concerned citizens contact the Federal Flight Deck Officer’s Association and donate money for all of Capt. Langenhahn’s legal Expenses and lost wages.

Until Langenhahn in reinstated to his job with back pay I will avoid booking flights on UA Airways.

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