Thursday, March 27, 2008

I’m No Fan Of Gloria Alled Or Nipple Rings But… is reporting that the Queen of Legal Bottom Feeders is finally going after a worthy target on behalf of a client. It seems that the weenies hired by the TSA forced a woman to use pliers in order to remove a pair of nipple rings before she could board her flight.

I say this is just another horrible example of millions of unnecessary privacy invasions that the TSA loves to get attention for doing. It’s their twisted public relations move to convince the flying public that we are somehow safe through their serious Fourth Amendment violations

Sic’em Gloria!


Anonymous said...

paul if they metal detector indicates metal, i as a passenger have a righht to make sure that they have confirmed what the metal item is. if they refuse to bare their breast, to proove its a nipple ring, then they gotta remeove them to dispy the rings and then be rewanded thru the detector.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I’ve heard enough about the TSA, nipple rings, underwire bras and breast milk liquid bombs to last a lifetime.

The TSA is nothing but a rouge operation created by those bums that successfully destroyed the Fourth Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

I’d rather end the searching and take my chances with the terrorists since they can’t be stopped anyway.

A Voice of Sanity said...

It's all for show - there is no real security. I could easily get 4 lb of explosives through the X-ray machines and they would never spot it even if they were holding it in their hands (no, I won't say how) and it's just as easy to get liquid explosives past them too despite their stupid rules. What's next - we all have to fly naked?

Anonymous said...

I would have removed it with my teeth if it would have helped the other travelers! I'm just that kind of guy!

Morton A. Lieberman
Dental student