Monday, February 18, 2008

Mayor Daley’s Elite Gun Gestapo Victimize Yet Another Gun Collector

They’re at it again! They grabbed another middle-aged gun collector with 12 unregistered firearms, three of them were those awful handguns.

The perpetrator was 59 year-old, Fred Habib of Chicago’s Northwest side. Habib had the required Illinois Firearms Owner’s Identification but dared to ignore the un-Constitutional Handgun ban and taxing of his right to keep and bear arms.

The Elite Chicago Gun Gestapo raided Habib’s home like he was some big time drug dealer or notorious criminal. Now the city will try to get the court to order the confiscation and destruction this man’s small gun collection and ammunition.

That U’S. Supreme Court case, D.C. vs. Dick Heller will hopefully put Daley’s Gun Gestapo out of business for good when they rule in June.

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