Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ann Jillian, Bob Hope And Countless Stars Entertained Our Troops

As a veteran I know first and the loneliness of being away from home and being trapped at a duty assignment where entertainment is very rare. A wonderful volunteer organization came into existence to fill this void, The USO.

Through the years the A list stars conspired to get out to combat zones and such to bring love, support and fun to our protectors of freedom. That needed attention seems to falter when our politicians send our kids to fight politically unpopular wars and that’s both sad and un-American.

Then there was the late, great Bob Hope and his troops that never wavered in bringing joy and first class entertainment where it was needed most. Along with Bob Hope was my dear friend, singer, dancer and Golden Globe winning actress, Ann Jillian. Ann is married to my pal, retired Chicago police Sergeant Andy Murcia.

Ann Jillian has a website that can be found here.

Please sit back and watch this rare clip of Bob Hope and Ann Jillian as they brought sheer joy to the boys and girls sent to fight Desert Storm.


Anonymous said...

Ann Jillian was the best USO performer - she gave our armed forces 100%

Anonymous said...

Ann Jillian was the best USO performer! She gave 100% to our armed forces! Thank you Ann we all remember and love you.