Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton is NOT Anyone’s Equal

The political concept that all men are created equal is the big hope and outright lie in our world. That’s really never the case. Karl Marx tried to artificially force equal wealth but the loopholes exist for Communist leaders who are above all others without even the inconvenience of standing for elections.

Teaching children that we are all equal sets them up for a lifetime of disappointment and anger as others are smarter, slimmer, better looking and of course richer. The fact is we all were not born beautiful with generous lifetime trust funds. Some of us have to work harder than others for what we get in life. Some of us are rich enough or smart enough to figure ways of avoiding the stress connected with simply getting food to eat and our rent paid.

Paris Hilton seems to have gotten everything but except good judgment from her maker. The DUI arrest, driving while her license was suspended along with her violation of probation mess was certainly avoidable. She has the cash and lots of fair weather pals to drive her anywhere she wants to go. Now she’s in a mess. I don’t know too many people that would not like to trade their troubles and assets with Hilton. But for Hilton I suspect this is a huge and very public disaster in her life. A disaster that will ultimately bring her more money she does not really need. I suspect she could do without worldwide attention to her mistakes and term in the pokey.

Paris Hilton lives in a goldfish bowl and lost whatever privacy that could have existed for her. Privacy is an important form of freedom. Paris is less equal to the rest of us in other very important ways.

Can someone please tell me what Ms. Hilton could possibly have done to deserve to have her private medical history, mental health treatment and medication to become the topic of front page international news?

Most girls Paris’ age are somewhat emotionally fragile and I now question whether the additional punishment of the spectacle is cruel and unusual. As for Paris all I can say to her, this too shall pass.


Barry Scott said...

It occurred to me that a day in jail for Paris is like a month for a homeless person.
For some, jail is a better place than ordinary life.
Should a sentence be lighter when the contrast of jail to the person's lifestyle is greater?

I think not, but the arguement could be made.

Anonymous said...

Good looking? More attractive than average? Are you kidding me? She is a very average looking woman who is heavily accessorized. Apart from lacking judgement, she also lacks intelligence. Most wouldn't trade lots with her... I know I wouldn't

Anonymous said...

Paris deserves EVERYTHING she gets!

Anonymous said...

I'm torn on this one.
I was pissed when I found out that she was let out of jail after only a few days, and wanted her to serve her entire sentence. Then I got to thinking about all of the "normal" DUI offenders who don't serve a day in the slammer even after multiple arrests. Fortunately, Paris Hilton never hurt anyone while driving and I don't think she is a menace to society. There are others who should be locked up and aren't, and some of those will eventually kill innocent people. Maybe five days of jail was appropriate for Paris Hilton's sentence. Either way, the system is broken, and until the judges and citizens sitting on a jury do what's right, it won't ever be fixed.

Anonymous said...


She's a bad actress, but she's getting better. Those tears almost looked real! Seriously. She's decided on a life of fame and believe me, having the money she has, she knew what fame was well before she did her porn tape with what's his name! Also, ask any parent of a teenager if she's a menace to societya and you might get a different response. At least Madonna was clothed most of her career... until she was at least old enough to make it interesting to see how hard she works at being physically perfect!

Pleez... anyone silly enough to think she's doing anything other than pulling one over on the cops is on CRACK or smokin' somethin' they shouldn't be because they're CRAZY!!!!

Anonymous said...

AHHH, leave the broad alone. She's a skinny,fragile trollop; go pick on a real villian like that fat slug Michael Moore or one of the ghetto activists!! The whore media needs to get a life....

Anonymous said...

the female deputy was more attractive than the little snot. im sure that was staged that way.

Anonymous said...

Who freeking cares? She's a spoiled rich bitch who purposely broke the law again and again, presuming that she was above it. After her first court date, she did not 'get a driver' or refrain from violating her probation. I don't care if she is bawling her eyes out. To pretend she didn't understand her probationary terms (her words) just more BS. She is an elitist who is getting her cumuppence and I couldn't be happier about it.