Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Racial Slurs By Imus And Others In America

Yes, racial hatred is ugly and those who use racial slurs in a hurtful manner are ignorant jerks. But now I have to ask, what ever happened to the idea that stick and stones make break my bones but names will never hurt me?

We as a society have given in to way too much sensitivity and political correctness. We have placed far more importance on people using racist language. By doing that we also made those words far more shocking and hurtful.

Every ethnic group on this earth has been the target of bad humor and insults. Ignorant statements attributed to Don Imus, Mel Gibson and a few others just don’t deserve the attention they have received. Giving such importance to people making racial invites even more such statements. It’s time for all of us to lighten up, thicken our skins and ignore these unimportant people.


Anonymous said...

Paul, I agree with your comments. I also don't understand why this is headline news. Just look at the top 10 rap songs and you will find lyrics that would make Imus blush. Why aren't Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton protesting these black artists for their songs content? (and I use the term "songs" loosely). The answer is that they only care when they can get their mugs plastered on tv and extort money from someone or they threaten to "boycott" their sponsors. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad time in our Country's history when I could loose my job and get charged with a hate crime for just reciting the lyrics of a currently famous RAP "song"!

Anonymous said...

How about the LA Mayor Cruz Busamonte? He slipped and regarded to blacks as “Niggers” during a public speaking engagement.

How about ‘rev’ Jesse Jackson and Al Sharp-tongued? With all the truly racist comments they've made.

Bottom line is the media does not attack the liberal racists. They only attack conservatives whom make comments that were only poor judgment and/or 'insensitive.'

I love the words of a man called “the other Jesse.’ He is the Rev Jesse Lee Peterson (he's black.) Here is his article called “White Fear.” ( is another good decent black man)

Exclusive Commentary by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
President BOND
Feb 12, 2002

For the last twelve years, we at the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny
have been fighting against the demoralization of blacks in this country by the
likes of Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, the Black
Caucus, the liberal elite Democratic Party, and others. But we must realize that
this is not the only form of demoralization at work. While demoralizing blacks,
these racist demagogues have also succeeded in demoralizing whites.

One word-"racist"-has been elevated to a sacred status, to the point now where
even the threat of being labeled "racist" causes whites to cower to the wishes
of blacks. The fact is that the civil rights "leaders" and elite liberal
Democrats are at fault for the poor condition of the black community, not white
racism. But, having largely given in to their lies, the white culture is
suffering not only because blacks are free to be immoral without complaint, but
also because many whites now lack character as a result of giving in to this

If this lack of character continues to go unchecked, the white culture is doomed
to the same pitiful state that we now find in the largely immoral black
community. If no one speaks up about this, then all will suffer. Blacks will
continue to fall at an even faster rate because whites will be too weak not to
give in to reparations for slavery, expansion of affirmative action, and the
ongoing bombardment of other governmental programs. For the sake of all
cultures, we must begin to bring about a change.

In order to change, we must first realize how we came to the problem we find
ourselves in today. The civil rights "leaders" of today and the elite liberal
Democratic Party all understand one thing very well: the power of fear. For the
last forty years, these demagogues have implanted fear in the white
community-fear of being branded "racist." As this fear escalated in the
beginning of this movement, whites of the time became afraid and refused to
speak against the civil rights movement as it veered from it's original just
intent to a self-serving and racist agenda shortly after the death of Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr. This fear spread, allowing the legitimate black leadership to
lose control, which caused the black community to become increasingly immoral.
And most whites have kept silent. And thus blind blacks, following blind
leaders, suffered.

Now enter today. The black community is worse off than they have ever been in
the history of the United States. Ninety-two percent of blacks supported Bill
Clinton, knowing he committed adultery, lied to the American people, and lied
under oath. Seventy percent of black babies are born out of wedlock! There was a
time when blacks would have been ashamed of these numbers. But now they don't
care. As long as the welfare check is there, the "diversity" programs are in
play, and no one is speaking against them, all is well. And let me tell you,
very few are speaking against them.

The sins of the parents are passed down through the generations, and as a result
of whites of the past not standing up, that same weakness and lack of character
has been passed to whites of the new generation. The idea of being called
"racist" is as horrific as ever, and whites of the new generation have been
demoralized by their parent's lack of character and the out-of-control modern
civil rights movement.

Now we have this whole nonsense of "multiculturalism" at work on college
campuses. "Celebrate diversity!" is the chant, no matter how many babies these
"diverse" individuals have out of wedlock, no matter how immoral they are, no
matter what perverse causes they stand for. Now homosexuals are simply another
group that needs to be celebrated. Now sexual perversion and amorality of all
kinds are labeled "diverse" and equal to all other choices of behavior.

I'm often asked to speak on college campuses where white kids are afraid to
stand up to immoral blacks for fear of being labeled a bigot, and are afraid to
express their Christianity for fear of being labeled a "homophobe." As a result
of this fear, college graduates go into the world demoralized and disillusioned,
depressed and beaten down. Their hearts are filled with fear and helplessness,
perpetrated on them by the "celebrate diversity" crowd. And unless this changes,
this will pass on to the next generation, and the next.and we will all suffer.
These days most whites believe that being labeled a racist is the worst form of
suffering. The dark days lurking ahead will make that suffering look like
nothing. But it does not-and I repeat, does not!-have to be this way.

We at BOND realize the suffering that our nation is going through is a warfare.
What we all have to realize though is that this is a spiritual warfare, not a
racial warfare. It is not a fight of blacks versus whites, as the civil rights
movement will tell you, but of good versus evil. The evil civil rights movement
attacks good Americans who speak out against what they are doing. But the civil
rights movement has no real power. All they can do is create fear through
name-calling. And, amazingly, most whites have given in to this. They have
adopted a false guilt for the ills of the black community.

No, the civil rights "leaders" and elite liberal Democratic Party are truly to
blame, holding blacks down by keeping them angry at white America and dependent
on the government. God, family, country, morality, and discipline used to be
paramount in black culture, which is why blacks such as Booker T. Washington
flourished long ago even though laws were against blacks. Now diversity,
multiculturalism, and governmental programs are paramount, and look where blacks
are because of it. We now have a society where blacks can say and do anything
they want about and to whites, but whites can't even speak up and disagree with

As soon as we realize that we are fighting a spiritual warfare, we can overcome.
At BOND, we have been fighting for years. We recently held our Third Annual
"National Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson" on Dr. King's birthday to show
the contrast between Dr. King's dream that blacks be judged on the content of
their character and Jackson's nightmare that blacks be judged on their color. We
have a BOND Home for Boys that works to restore self-sufficiency and
independence that is lost in today's anti-family black culture. We have an After
School Character Building program to teach kids to love what is right and love
this country.

Having stood for what is right has put as at odds with the civil rights
establishment and the elite, liberal Democratic Party. We have endured all sorts
of name-calling and intimidation tactics. I have personally been called
"nigger," "sellout," "Uncle Tom," and many other names. But I understand that I
am fighting against evil. These names mean nothing to me. They are the pitiful
words of cowards who do not have right on their side. By letting them pass, I am
able to continue standing up for what is right: the emancipation of black
America and the disbandment of the current black leadership.

It is now time for white America to realize that they are part of this same
battle. The words "racist," "bigot," and "hatemonger," coming from embittered
followers of demagogues, mean nothing. The real strength is in those who give
these words no mind and continue to stand against racism and for what is right.
Enduring these attacks is a part of a blessed life. Christ said that whenever
you stand up for right you will go through such attacks. If Christ had to
endure, why shouldn't we? After all, in enduring as Christ did, we come closer
to God.

If Americans of all races can lay aside their fear to stand up for truth, we
will all be blessed. If they do not lay aside this fear, then destruction will
be widespread.

Rev Peterson is the Founder and President of BOND

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for you to bring this one up Paul. You are right. It isn't news that Imus is an idiot whose only accomplishment is fashioning a career for himself where he gets paid just to be an a$$hole. He has the right to free speech, and the public can always change the station when it doesn't like what he is saying. All the attention this has received has only empowered him more and given him attention he does not deserve.

On the other hand, I believe the Black community represents a unique case when it comes to racial slurs. It wasn't even fifty years ago when Blacks were segregated by law, discriminated against with employment, denied admission to many public schools, and being lynched. Your many readers in law enforcement would have been required to enforce laws back then that prevented Blacks from voting or using certain public facilities and institutions. While we thankfully live in a society when institutionalized racism is no longer acceptable, racism and racial violence are not a thing of the past. Given our troubled history with this issue, anything that contributes to an atmosphere of hostility towards racial minorities is cause for concern.

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Anonymous said...

the reason Imus is in trouble and was let go was because of MONEY and BUSINESS!! the sponsors of his show threatened to leave unless he was let go. It s not what he said. Its what his sponsors were afraid of. You don't think Sharpton and Jackson know this? they are experts and manipulating the media and big business.