Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trucker Streams Live Internet Broadcast 24/7 From His Dashboard Cam

Now this is novel! A long haul, over the road truck driver, Warren Talbot shares his lonely life on the highway with the world. Using a cell phone connection card, laptop computer and digital video camera he is able to accomplish his continuous live broadcast. You can see his stream on both links below.

The only problem is when this broadcaster is moving through remote areas of the country with poor or non-existant cellular service. Worry not, as he will soon be where the signal is better.

My mind is racing with the endless possibilities of an inexpensive way for bloggers or anyone capitalize on this concept.

His broadcast site

His webpage


leomemorial said...

what an excellent site!!!!! my dad bought home some heavy duty walkie talkies, which were able to pick up truckers. my brother and i used to have so much fun talking to them. that was until my mom busted us and took them away.

trucking used to be quite big back in the 70's...

Sowpath das said...

nice post