Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gun Ban Groups Are Begging For Cash

Visiting the Brady and all their related web sites today has provided the best laugh I’ve had in years.

After the Washington DC handgun ban was torpedoed by the United States Court Of Appeals the “sensible Gun-laws” people have gone into survival mode. After all they make their living by destroying the liberty of American citizens. They need the “good life” like everyone else complete with first class air travel where ever they go.

Sensible is the word these gun-rights haters love to use suggesting that there is some form of firearm freedom they support. They claim to support the right to possess a firearm that’s not too cheap, too small, too big, too powerful, too ugly or capable of causing injury or worse to anyone. I’ve yet to see the gun these extremists don’t hate in the hands of a law-abiding civilian. The sensible gun ban crowd has been running a scam on people who can be tricked into sending them money.

Today’s push is in light of the very real likelihood of the end to most of the laws restricting the sale, possession or carrying firearms by law-abiding Americans as a result of courts finally protecting our Bill of Rights.

When the un-Constitutional gun laws fall, and they will those paid lobbyists and gun banners are desperate for a golden parachute before their office doors close for good. They will simply keep the cash when their ability to influence gun-banning legislation is over.

They say they want money for their fight. I hope they’re not planning to bribe Supreme Court judges. I’m dumbfounded on just how millions of dollars sent to these Liberty haters could influence the way the Supreme Court interprets our Bill of Rights.

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Anonymous said...

I hate these gun banning idiots. Who the hell do they think they are trying to take away our constitutional rights! One thing that I take issue with is the fact that all of these people say that we need legal scholars to interpret the constitution. It's not that difficult. It says what it means. The only thing that all of the lawyers do with it is "interpret it" to their liking, depending on which special interest group they represent.