Sunday, February 11, 2007

Los Angeles Meter Maids Facing More Assaults

I hate them too. They are local government extortionists that enforce parking laws for only one end and that’s to rob motorists of their hard earned cash. That sad news is they’re allowed to engage in that dirty business.

That being said and their function being deemed legal the parking enforcement people have a right to do their jobs without being assaulted or murdered. The City of Los Angeles is perplexed on just how to handle this issue. I’m here to tell these officials this is really not that complicated. They can level the playing field for the parking bagmen and women simply by returning to them their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

We have to draw the line by allowing these people to protect themselves. Nothing prevents dangerous criminals from carrying and using deadly weapons. Bogus gun laws and employment regulations keep these revenue generating workers defenseless and as soft targets for thugs.

The meter maids should simply spend more time double-checking their work reducing the take until they have the right to protect themselves returned.

L A Times article

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